Why Free Hosting Costly Top 10 Reason to Choose Paid Instead Free

Choosing a Best Hosting for blog is very essential when you about to start your first blog it may be the hard to choose which hosting provider to use in early age of your blogging journey and Reason to choose Paid Hosting

I know things sometimes confusing which hosting provider you go for it but it took me to understand why you should avoid cheap hosting for your blog instead you can go for a reliable hosting provider that comes with great advantages

What to Choose if am a beginner

As a beginner you about to start one thing that you noticed that without hosting you can’t run a blog there are alternative available where you can host you blog for free but really its not worth obvious there is some catch you need to know

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Why you should Never go for Free Hosting

Do Free hosting provide you a better speed ?

Ask yourself if you are who looking for free hosting means you not alone many of you just want to host your site for free but did you it costly for you but how

Meantime i aware about free hosting which only allow to host but it comes with many disadvantages

Loading Speed : Loading Speed won’t surprise you as the matter of fact is that free hosting never gives the accurate speed every time it may some time you experience you site is not loading proper even it taking long time to open a page

Which is frustrating for you and those who trying to visit your blog the fact is if your blog is not opening about a sec or two than more chances users bounce back which a not good for the rankings

it may directly impact your page load speed due you may experience blog not ranking well in search engine

Uptime : One of the core part of hosting is uptime that measure the your hosting is up and down which is mostly you see 99.9% means about 1.40-44 minutes downtime per day is perfect but when it comes to free hosting provider there is no guarantee about the uptime

The better uptime the better performance you get for you site to

Backup : Backup is essential for every blog who are working seriously to push up but the thing is you get better and reliable option for your backup but the disk space you usually get around 200 to 300MB and it depends who providing you hosting

Support : When it to Support most of the time you won’t get quick support on free hosting which is again very frustrating if you hosting for free mostly you get response quick in paid hosting and they serve you better and try to fix your issue’s as soon as possible

Not Secure : Free hosting are less secure and chance to get vulnerability in your blog more chances you will lose your blog and rankings or may be hacked

Why to Prefer Paid Hosting Instead

So always you need to remember that cheap hosting are good instead having a free as you get more and more benefits of having paid one as they provide you a better and reliable experience to you

Things you get on Paid Hosting

SEO Friendly : If you are blogging and want traffic form a reliable source that gives you regular organic traffic you can expect from Search Engines form paid hosting you get a better speed with uptime that’s indirectly boost your traffic due users will not bounce back as it totally depends upon your blog post

Usually users bounce back but the thing the the rate of bounce rate will decrease comparing a free hosting

Handle Traffic : Suppose you are on a hosting and experience that your website is not loading proper if your blog started getting some traffic is usually speed throttling which occurs and there is no guarantee when blog get down

Better Support : You can expect a better support paid hosting providers provide have team that serve you better and one of thing i notice that you will get quick response it may depend to your issue’s

Over the time you experience better support form teams

Ad Free hosting : You get totally a ad free hosting few hosting provides this which is annoying but in paid hosting you get a ad free experince which is better having form free instead a cheap

Get Add On’s : Did You Know that paid hosting provide you Add On’s which is available to free as more likely you better security over paid one thing i like about paid hosting they provide Add-On’s such as Free .com Domain & SSL certificate

Get Refund : if you won’t satisfied with your purchase you likely to get refund in terms user prospective is good and most of the hosting providers do this but make sure you check the terms first

More Bandwidth : Most of the plans comes with is about unmetered bandwidth and many offers unlimited but in terms of comparing free you get more bandwidth as usually in free you get 2-3 GB of Bandwidth

Backups : You usually get unlimited Storage on Most of plans which allows you do more with backup if you host more than one domain you get monthly backup which allows restore blogs if something happened to you

Malware Scans : Malware Scans also beneficial for blog as it scan for the malware you get more safe being infected to

More Storage : You get more storage space means you are limited as comparing to free you can do lot with more storage more files can stored on it if your backups are big in size than you won’t need to worry about anything


Free things always has some limitation in free hosting you get the same less benefits what i understand free hosting is actually cost you and i want to know what you thought about free hosting

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