Top 10 Profitable Blog Niche in 2021 You Can Start

Finding a Niche is not always hard but for sometimes it difficult so choose a niche however for me its not hard as if you are beginner than In this post will cover about Top 10 Profitable Blog Niches for you in 2021

Finding a good Niche is not times consuming but working on it giving time on its hard so stick to the niche you choose as result often takes time

Why a Niche is very important

In simple words category of blogs which you going to write post about and really it requires first to defined you can’t write things on every topic we all have different aspect, knowledge and experiences so it better choose a particular topic first rather than writing on anything

Benefits of picking up A niche

When you pick niche according to your interest it may be your hobby or experience which gives a confident to write blogs post in longer run and the more you experience expertise and the core benefit that i experience over time the search engine ranking is also boost time to time

its not just for ranking but the also the user experience which ultimately helps you to grow and its likely better for you

How to take a perfect niche for my blog

if you really serious about blogging finding difficult When it comes niche don’t get overwhelmed the best thing you can do is to ask yourself your interest on particular topic is good and over the time you can you can give your 100% to blog which may help to sustain blog with a long run

Most of time you find your knowledge and experience is getting better time to time there many niche that i recommend you to start with these topics

How to Find your Interest First

As i told before you need to ask yourself that which you interest is more and can able to sustain in long run

Hobby : When it comes hobby i know you have you want to explore hobby shared the with own creations and this will give you a border sense to start

Experience : if you recently done job or working with anything and you thought that may be this experience i need to share that help user to correct them such as marketing tips, iPhone tips and, saving and investment

The thing you need to kept in mind that one thing that i applied that really gives me better result is obvious is help others your content somehow provide value to the users think yourself without providing any value you expect value in retun

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Top 11 Blog Niche You can Start With that works best


DIY : DIY blogs are one of best kind of example doing that and start exploring and making things that you interested such as of e.g woodworking anything’s related to particular your interest

You can monetize this types blogs using ads and affiliate to

Self Improvement

Self improvement : there are many Self improvement blogs are there which provides various types self improvement tips and tutorial where’s you can go with this niche if you are interested and having knowledge to this

Mosttly this types of blogs provide various types of self improvement tips such as improving yourself, Achieving Goals, Rid out depression, and many more things you can write to this particular niche

When it comes to profitability of this types of blogs which makes sense that you may get low revenue with ads however you can sell self improvements books even you own books

Test Preperation

Test Preparation : Many blogs are provides you to test preparation on the blogs it may be anything’s related to preparation of any kind of Jobs exams

you can monetize this type of blogs with ads and even you can allow memberships that’s users pay to you recurring or one time payment to use your services which is many blogs are doing already

You can also start your blog related to the test preparation


Food : Food is essential for us and without having it i don’t think you survive but in blogging you can write content related to food it may differ to most of the time as there are many sub niche you can choose from




Different Cushion Such as



Related to age

For Baby Foods an more

This blogs are generally monetize with ads and you can go with affiliate and try promoting products related to it such cake essentials required making cakes, grinders and many thinks you can use amazon affiliate for it


Tech Stuffs : Tech is one of my favorite niche and over saturated but doesn’t mean you can’t start with this so start exploring you may interested in iPhone’s iPad, Android , Windows or Mac Stuff you can start with these but first defined what you do with your blogs

Most of the blogs start with tech blogs and reason failed due to they can’t make audience if blogs about iPhone and you writing about android users won’t likely to read but blogs already established they write multiple niche as they have more authority so pick a sub niche

e.g iPhone Photography

Android ROMS

Windows Tips an tricks

or Write on a Particular Phone or Mac in beginning

This types of blogs very profitable but over saturated as i already told you don’t write on multiple niches this types of blogs monetized with ads and even with affiliate also getting Paid reviews


Product Reviews : Well if want something it may be a product or services which is need the point is i want know whether is good enough as reviews means it tested by someone and proving you the information about the specification, cost and the most important thing pro’s and con’s

E.g Review of eBooks

Review of Gadget

This blogs can also be monetized with ads and you can earn with affiliate to you can start if you used product or services it my anything such as headphones review, reviewing software etc.


Jobs Information : Many of us searched once a time about jobs on internet and found different blogs that write’s about upcoming and current jobs available it depends upon area, city or global vaccines so

You can write about upcoming and current jobs or current affairs related blog post the best part of this niche is traffic is usually higher comparing some other niches so the probability is also higher in this types of blogs

You can monetize with ads and sale eBook’s you can also give ad space that generate good about of money for you


SEO : In SEO blogs you most know that you will learn about Search related stuffs if you have experience about how SEO works and related backlink, Guest Post and many more things are related in this category you can start with

You can guide link building building works some SEO hacks, algorithms update


Coding : if you are a programmer doesn’t matter which type of coding you know you try helping users many of blogs write about Java, Python, JavaScript, and more you can do also but most of blogs covers this types of Programing languages

this kind of blogs made revenue with ads and subscription based so you can do any of these and the probability of this blogs are also higher

Personal finance

Budget and Personal finance : Personal finance yet another niche where’s you can guide money management and other things related to savings and investment, insurance and mortgage and retirement planning on your blog

You can start with writing with own experience or guide where’ to invest where’s to save money overall it related to money things and this kinds of blogs also profitable but also very competitive

You can monetize this of this blogs mainly with ads and moreover you can get commission on insurance many affiliate programs are available to start with

Hope this helps you get started your blogs as a beginner what you thought about this niches let me know in comment or follow us facebook

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