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Blogspot blog itself unique but over period of time you realized to move on WordPress but if you are wondering to know which blogger Templates is Adsense Ready than i will tell which you could use so in this post Top 10 Blogger Template SEO & Adsense Ready for you

Currently i moved to WordPress for some reason after moving to WordPress i experience very positive chanages i used before blogger with Adsense so most of the theme i used so lets start

Why Theme is important in blogger

Theme is Important even in WordPress not limited to blogger only the more theme is good looking and user-friendly means user more engaged to the content

The things is that when even you read blogs of others you may get idea as well how you engaged to those blogs you need to understand as user yourself

When it comes Classic themes of blogger is quite not good and i don’t personally used this types of themes and few times back blogger adds some new theme’s which is looks great with existing themes but not far better good which you can used

Adsense for blogger blog

One of the best platform that i used in my early time i know that most of you the same want a theme that adsense friendly if you are are still on blogpost sub-domain quite not good for you instead a custom domain name which best of getting Adsense Approval

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How to Setup WordPress in 2021

Which themes you need to use in blogger

As you all know that you don’t need to pay for the hosting to blogger which makes your pocket friendly but some features still limited on blogger and its better to opt when you about to start your blog

Most of this these is better for tech, food, photography , DIY, travel , Fashion and more types of blogs

How to change theme/template of your blogger blog

In blogger blog your require to change your blogger template so first you need to go setting of your blogger dashboard and find theme/template

first take a backup if you wish to revert your theme back to normal

Now upload your new theme

you can customize as per your need

some of require to purchase the theme if you wish to remove footer and its best to purchase the theme as best for you and the creator or you could use the free version

Here top 35 themes you can use for Adsense

Maxima :

Maxima is great looking theme and you can use it and really ideal looking those who are looking their blog look a next level and this can used many types blog niches such as tech, food and whatever blogs you won’t to use

Download Free Version


Ultra is theme is made by templatesyard the best part about this its looks amazing its looks like a magazine type this is a SEO optimized theme you could use in blogger

Best for

Technology Blogs, Sports, News, Food

Download Free Version

Super Pro

This Blogger template again made by templatesyard quite better and fast loading theme which give good loading speed means you blog will load faster which is best for the SEO

Best for

Tech News, Food, Photography etc

Download Free Version


This theme is made by way2themes looks very perfect and this is easy to use again a SEO friendly with fully responsive you can use it in your blog it but this won’t actually for those who looking for tech

This theme is for those who looking for beauty, makeup DIY and travel kind of blogs than it best suit for this types of blogs

Download Free Version


Sora Template provides blogger templets at very long time most of the theme you see are SEO friendly themes and make your blog looks good and even provide responsiveness to all devices the best of this theme is given a social plugin you can customize it for your social media profiles

This Theme suits best for tech news, food tips and tricks and tutorial blogs

Download Free Version


This theme again came from SORA template and the best thing i like sora template that it various collection of theme’s that your blog needs i used many sora templates

SORA SEO is SEO Fridley and responsive and for adsense most of sora themes fits best this theme is can used blogs related to tech, sports and food niche’s

Download Free Version


Ulite or Ultra-lite theme is powered themeyard a like looking theme best optimized for seo and it also good for adsense you can’t ignore that design is professional looking and give your blog professional look

This themes again used various niches tech, food, sports

Download Free Version


This theme is powered by way2themes one of minimalist and clean looking blogger template give’s your blog a clean look overall this themes give your blog load faster you can use it for most of blog niches

Download Free Version

Flat Blog

if you are looking for SEO optimized theme with great design than this theme won’t disappoint you a fast loading theme you can use it different types of niches


Yet another theme that looks quite good and this theme can be used most of blogs niches no matter which blog you have you can use it has unique social media buttons moreover this one of best of theme if you use it for tech blogs

Hope this templates helps you to use in your ideal blog

What you thought about this templates tell us &

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