Top 10 Adsense Plugins for WordPress Free

WordPress comes with different Plugins which allows you easily optimized your Adsense Ads to your blog and over the period of time you get better result with these plugins and one of thing you need to understand it will take a while getting results what are those Top 10 Adsense Plugins for WordPress

I aware that most of you looking for the best and optimized plugins as these plugins are tested and working fine but you need the adhere to the placement policy‘s before setting up Adsense Placement on your blog

Will These Plugins Works on my WordPress

These Plugins will Work for sure as it tested and the thing you require to place ads properly otherwise it will not work or maybe you experience that after placing ads might not appear quick as it takes a time to show up on your blog so be patient after placing ads it took more than 30 Min or more

So, Please pe patients while setting up the ads

Here are the top 10 Adsense Plugins You can use it

Insert Header & Footer Plugin

Header and Footer is one of the common WordPress Plugin that every beginner try to place ads on blog and it also one of the popular Plugin overall with 1 million installations no doubt this is one of the common plugin you should have on your blog

This allows you to easily Put Ads on Header and Footer to the only thing you require is the code of adsense which you get on your adsense ad section you need to generate the code and simply put to this plugin simple

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How to use it

Go to Settings>Insert Headers and Footers

Now add the code and Save

Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense is really the quickest plugin that made it easy for you to place ads on your blog it supports placing ads on Header & Footer, Sidebar and also inside the content which is best for getting good CTR and thing is its free pluin however, there is paid version also available to which gives you extra features

How to Use it

Go to Quick Adsense

and Place the ads on location you want

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is allows you to put ads not limited to Adsense you can put ads of Adsense,, Infolinks and more one of the benefit of this you can place Before Post, Before Content, Befoe Paragraph, After Paragraph and more you can do with this plugin

How to Insert Plugin using this

Open Ad-Inserter

on the blocks you need to place the ads you can also show ads few places such as Posts, Homepage, Category Pages

Insert Position’s

Advance Ads – Ads Manager & Inserter

Advance Ads is support most of ad networks such mainly the Adsense and no matter if you don’t have Adsense but have approval than you can use it even Ezoic

You can place Ads units as Display Ads, Native Ads , AMP for Auto Ads

How to use it

Go to Advance Ads

Choose Ad Network

Place Ad Code

Choose Placement

Choose Layout/Output

WP Quads

WP Quards come with great features for both Free and Paid one it allows you place many Ad Networks with it most of us use it for Adsense for multiple placement such as Within the article and more so in order to use it you need to Install it and activate the same

First you need to “Create Ad”

Choose you Ad Network

For Adsense opt for Adsense now after the choosing the ad network you need to just place the Publisher Id and the Ad Slot Code

Easy Google Adsense

Easy Google Adsense Plugin is very simple you just need to get the publisher id and paste it on the box and save and done

This Plugin is from Naa986 and i found that one of simplest plugin on WordPress you need only is just your publisher id and nothings else needed to do

WP Insert

WP-Insert is is next plugin you can use it for placing ads it allows many different ways to place the ads Ad Above Below, to the left and Right of Page or the Post content

How to use it just Install it add New and select the location where you want to ad to visible put the ad code and update it

WP Simple Adsense Insertions

WP Simple Adsense Insertion again one of the basic plugin which allows you to place ads there is no other settings are available you need place the ads as the place you want to place it using the shortcode of it

How to use it

Go to Adsense Insertion Options

Place the code

Get the Short code and Place in Widget and Inside of post

ADS for WP

ADS for WP is Provided by Magazine3 and recently is supported for msot of the ad networks such as Revcontent, Ezoic and more with the help of this you can place ads it has 7000+ Active installations compatible up to 5.4.4

How to use it

Go to “Lets Create a New Ad”

Give the title of the ad, Ad type, Alignment

After doing all publish it

Universal Google Adsense and Ads Manager

Universal Google Adsense and Ads Manager allows to place the ads on different location but in order to use it you need to customized it on appearance on the blog and it not that hard just require to place the where you want show the ads

How to use it

Go UGAAM>Insert Ads

on Appearance customized the ads

At the end these Adsense Plugins for WordPress is Works better not matter if you just started with Google Adsense these plugins will help you out

which plugin you going to use for your blog comment below

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