Self Hosted or Free blogging one of the point most new bie confused while choosing a perfect platform one of the biggest reason why i came to know about blogging is just because free blogging platforms rather than a paid one but if you are about to serious than you should always prefer paid

For me it takes a long to understand that free blogging platforms have its own limitation in long run you can’t go with it and of the common reason why finally decided to move on paid blogging due some limitation

As i don’t idea about what is subdomain is my curiosity is i need a blog so i created once in that like always no money in pocket so i thought lets move to free once i avoided to move to self hosted blogging


Reason Why i Moved Self Hosted Blogging

There many reason why i finally move to self hosted blogging to WordPress before i was on Google Blogger and should aware to while choosing your blogging platfrom

Limited Themes : When You Move to Blogger you notice that there is limited about of themes is present and sometimes its hard for a beginner to customize it themes without having coding background usually it hard to under the things

Chances to lose : Who knows what will be the future but at the end free blogs are chances to get lose its may not happened but the reality is not in our control so if its going well than ok

Classic Editor : In free blogs you usually get a Classic Editor the functionality you want to step up to next level is about to limited many things won’t available to Blogger with WordPress you get more to its editor allows you do more with your blog post

No Plugins : You won’t get any Plugin Functionality which is one of the best thing WordPress that every blogger needs e.g if you need a table there is plugin for that you don’t have idea how many is available that makes your work easier for you

Monetization : Monetizing a blogs is easy making money from blogs is an art to well free blogs don’t have any plugins support so its hard to implement ads on it so earning is quite low on it unless you basic knowledge you can customized it i don’t think a beginner knows about it

SEO : For SEO i would prefer WordPress its comes great functionality to SEO your blog post again you have tons of free and paid plugins to easier your workload but reality is that SEO is complex thing both a least in WordPress you get suggestion about On-Page SEO mistake

Why Free blogging is also great Move if you are beginner

I said Free blogging is great move well it may to be if you just started blogging and have no idea where to start for me free blogging took me understand actually how to blog in starting when i blogging Google’s blogspot things are going pretty well my domain is about eg which look not so professional

Those who about to serious for blogging can go for the self hosted due its comes with many features so usually i prefer WordPress


all of sudden if you read the post all i want to tell you both self hosted and free blogging have their own swag but as i told you before if you want get started serious than it better to opt self hosted blog not free blogging

And Want to know what you think about this

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