How to start blog for absolute beginners(2021)

Making Money from blogging still dream for a newbie as Starting a blog is very easy nowadays everyone wants a blog that makes him a enough money to get in the pocket there are many example’s exist which show’s that they making millions with so that doesn’t mean you won’t get any money from blogging

When it comes to start a blog for a beginner it difficult to understand them where they can start from and the answer is very clear that you need to take a action most of you just thought about to start but one of the biggest mistake you won’t take any action this post we dive deep inside of blogging from staring a blog to earning money with it

Where to Start a blog

Blog can be setup in different ways to get started you can go with free and self hosted blogs which requires some investment to get started and the best thing about self hosted ownership of blog is up to you and on free blogs are likely changes that may delete with if you violet there polices

Again, Then which blogging platform you choose

Free Blogging or Self Hosted




Tumbler blogs

Did you know that more then 39% percentage of site are powered by WordPress

I Already shared the difference between free blogging vs self hosted blogs

i Know you want a blog which you get money out it and the harsh reality of blogging that it takes time to everything works if you do right things with some actionable strategies which requires keyword research, choosing right domain for the niche and most of common thing patience is required

Things you required to start a blog from scratch

if you want to get started a blog professionally you require to have some investment which i did wrong while i started my blog with blogger where’s i did many blogging mistakes which i don’t want to repeat by you

Niche : Niche or Category is required first whenever you start for a beginner i would suggest you to focus on your passion rather then looking others niche don’t do that first talk to yourself what you can write and not bored if you started something a week or month you stop then its not perfect start in blogging

Find your passion or experience you have




Personal finance and more

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Suppose you started niche that you are not interested and comfortable with which means you can’t do it for long many of you do the same and thereafter you leave blogging just saying that blogging hard for me which don’t make any sense that why choosing a niche very essential at the beginning

Keyword research

Keyword yet another part of blogging which also can’t be ignored before writing any content you required first to research due its very important know the keywords volume and the overall competition unless is very hard to determine the things

There are many tools already present in the market which you can utilize for your keyword strategy tools like

Google Keyword Planner


Domain Name

Domain Name is very essential if you decided to do the things in professional way you can take an example of us we are using a top level domain name rather than a subdomain there are many register out there to but one that i using from last 3 to 4 years which is GoDaddy which provides a great customer support and no issue once you get the domain

Before choosing a domain Make you do these things first

Easy to remember : Your domain must have short and easy to remember which allows users remember your URL(Uniform Resource Locator)

Top Level domain : Top Level are best when you choose if you notice domain extension which usually use like .com, .org, .net these are top level domain’s and you always choose .com if you want to start your blog one of the biggest reason why most of sites use’s .com due its rank well on globally


Most of you move to blogger just because you won’t invest in hosting and this is core part of your blog and when you started a blog domain+hosting is required the better the hosting you choose the performance you get it doesn’t mean you go for expensive hosting and i don’t recommend in the beginning you go for it

Types of hosting


Shared hosting on of the reliable and pocket friendly for a beginner this types of hosting are affordable where’s the in one sever many sites are exist reason why the cost is usually split by the customers who opt this plans and really beneficial for you at beginning


In Dedicated hosting you are only who are on the server no one else is existed which obvious that to managed the cost of this type of hosting price’s are high but the speed and the performance you get which is far better then shared as shared sever has it own limit for handling traffic and you only opt this types of hosting if you having a great traffic


VPS stands for Virtual Private Sever this type hosting requires for those sites that have huge number of traffic which requires more and more resource to fulfil then VPS is best option the most common resource in this hosting DIsk Space, RAM allocation and the bandwidth for a beginner VPS also not recommended


Cloud hosting is yet another hosting which maintain load and uptime not to rely on single sever it uses different severs means no matter if one is not working then other keep on working

Types of Cloud Hosting



Hybrid & Managed

In the beginning you require hosting that not expensive at all avoid VPS and dedicated hosting at beginning always prefer a shared hosting when you think your traffic increase then move to others but please avoid an expensive hosting when you about to start but make sure the hosting you opt provide a proper speed and good performance

For Beginners these two hosting providers that works best for beginners first Bluehost & Hostinger

Which blogging platform is good

Choosing right blogging platform is very essential in the beginning


When I started blog with blogger i thought free blogging would be perfect for me but over time i understand that free blogging platforms have their own issues such as blogger where i started over the time you experience many issue’s e,g SEO, Themes customization, Permalinks, limited support of file attachment support & Plugin support reason why i moved to a self hosted WordPress

Blogger is not bad at all you can start blog without paying anything for just casual blogging when it comes earn money for my case i would suggest to move to WordPress its one of best CMS that provides everything you need


One last thing you need to know about WordPress and the reason why i recommended to go for WordPress not blogger due it has some disadvantage which i faced and moved to WordPress and still stick to it because of its advantages over blogger and i think its very hard to move the things to WordPress where’s you lose ranks if you already ranking for some keywords

But, if the things do in a proper way means there is no lose of rank which requires you to take a backup your blog and thereafter you need to setup your WordPress

Its been very difficult for me to adjust with WordPress it look me 3 month to adjust so far the first require a gain these traffic

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Ways of Monetization to a blog

Money considered as secondary but it essential to help you to sustain your blog most of us came to blog due we heard that we can make money with blogging yes it true but still most of them are struggling and this is reality so a better monetization strategy is required when you start a blog there many different ways you can monetize with

but we only explain here three popular monetization strategies

Ads Revenue

When it comes to monetization one of popular way to monetize a blog is ads you just to paste the ads on your site and you start generating money but its not really easy all you need good amount of traffic to get paid well there are many ad networks which you can go with such as Google Adsense,, Infolink

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing yet another way you can monetize your blog all you need quality traffic the concept is very clear when someone buys something with your link you get a commission with this you as an affiliate, user and who providing the product or services are profitable


selling your own product

Selling your own product is great way to generate extra money you also experience the same right now most of the affiliate marketer try to sell their own products in can be anything related to an eBook or course’s

My Final thoughts

if you are serious to start a blog in 2021 then take action instead thinking to start it all require time to grow your blog and traffic won’t come in a day it will take at least 3 to 6 month or long only you do things in a proper way

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