How to Setup WordPress in Hostinger hPanel | Beginner’s Guide

Don’t know how to Setup your WordPress in Hostinger

In This post, you will learn how exactly to set up your WordPress with hostinger which I set up previously and is so far very beginner-friendly I know as new to hostinger you will find it challenging to do so how to Setup WordPress in Hostinger

Hostinger uses its own customized hosting panel which is not so confusing to those who already know about the cPanel the only problem with newbies that doesn’t know how to set things up

if you spend time with its dashboard you will be familiar with and love it for sure in my experience what I found is that its really beginner-friendly anyone can set up WordPress

Before setup things you need to know

Before setup any blog website you require hosting for sure if you were purchased it already then you may have your domain which doesn’t matter where you get the best thing I like about hostinger is that they provide a Free domain for the year which is usually around $9 to $15

if you already have a domain then we can next step for my case which this domain is taken from GoDaddy may be in your case it will different but the Installation process will be the same

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First, you need to visit Hostinger

And Sign up first

if you are a newbie

Next, you require to

choose a Hosting Plan

Choose a perfect hosting is really important especially in hostinger for Shared Hosting which I notice many of you go for a Single hosting and pay for domain extra

Saving Tips,

it’s up to you which hosting plan you choose but having at least a Premium Shared plan gives a free domain for sure for a year that saves almost 10$ to 15$ – which I think must opt for instead of a Single Shared hosting

Shared Hosting Plans in Hostinger

Single Shared Hosting

  • 30 GB SSD
  • Limited to Single Domain
  • NO Free Domain
  • 1 Email Account
  • No Stagging Tool
  • 30 Money Back

Premium Shared Hosting

  • 100 GB SSD
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Email Account
  • No Stagging Tool
  • 30 Money Back

Business Shared Hosting

  • 100 GB SSD
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Email Account
  • Stagging Tool
  • 30 Money Back

What Shared Hosting Plan do you choose

Again, as I already mentioned that you should have at least a premium hosting that gives you at least a free domain but it is totally up to you which hosting plan you go you can even the single shared plans only if you have a domain unless you should avoid

As I also using the premium shared hosting right now for this blog and to date I don’t find any problems and customer support is outstanding they are ready to help

How to claim a domain with Hostinger

To Claim a domain you must know that you require to opt for its one year plan it may be Premium or the business so avoid single hosting the more long-duration plan you choose will get more of which lower the final price

first, we claim the domain which we get from the Hostinger after that will install it with other domain providers which we require to change the nameserver to point out to our hosting which can be done easily

First login to hPanel

Claim domain Hostinger

you need to choose “Claim domain

Hostinger Search Domain

Pick a domain name that is available

Hostinger Free Domain

after selecting your domain you are required to Claim the Domain

again you are required to fill in your primary and content details to complete the registration after that it will take some time if your domain is in review so wait until the review process is done

Next, we need to connect Hosting go to mange and after “Add Website” and

Hostinger Add Website

if you are on any other third party domain provider like GoDaddy first you need to add a domain thereafter you need to point the nameserver(Change it with Hostinger nameserver)

Godaddy Nameserver

How to Setup WordPress In hostinger

Setting up WordPress is Quite easy after adding a domain you are almost a few steps away from installing WordPress so you need to go to hPanel

On Domain you find your added recent websites where we need to manage it
Hostinger Dashboard

Again you will find an option for “WordPress

WordPress Installation
you have two options one is to Detect and Install WordPress we need to process with WordPress
Final WordPress Installation

Fill in the Website Credentials you need to process with Install

Finally, you need to go edit the website

Finally in the end you finally Installed WordPress in your Hosting

WordPress 5.9
Check Hostinger

Why Always WordPress

WordPress is one of the best ways even in 2022 to start which is far better than Google’s Blogger and I know once you use WordPress you never consider moving to blogger in my option which I did due to

  • it’s free
  • Plugins Functionality
  • Themes Customizable
  • SEO Friendly
  • Beginner-Friendly &
  • Recommended by Most the Bloggers


In my honest opinion, I think everyone can install WordPress and Hostinger has done a great job

when it comes to a traditional cPanel which may be difficult for a newbie but a simplified dashboard with hPanel, especially for newbies who can easily navigate and install WordPress

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