How to Setup WordPress in 2021 Everything Explained

WordPress one of the best CMS in Entire Blogging Platforms out there for you Did You Know that most of site are in 2020 is powered with WordPress People Love Using WordPress and There is ton of features you can expect with WordPress but you can’t get Most of the CMS and except people also use other Blogging Platforms such as Blogger and Jumboola so how to Setup WordPress in 2021

Things You Know About WordPress

When i was using a Blogspot blog i don’t know anything about blogging where i do tons of Blogging mistakes i know it quite normal these days due to lack of the knowledge but you can’t ignore the true power of Google Blogger Which is totally free you even no need to purchase a domain Blogger Provide You a Sub-domain which is good but i don’t think i Would be great for the Long terms as i Moved Blogger to WordPress


if You Just New and wondering Kick-start your blogging with without investing money you can go with the blogger but those who quite serious about their blogging journey can start with WordPress

Why WordPress

Its been obvious these days why WordPress due its choose by most of the bloggers out there even i also due i see massive changes while moving to WordPress which is not possible with blogger

Features of WordPress

its simple


Easy Publishing

Better Management

Tons of theme’s

SEO Optimized


Is WordPress Free or Paid?

WordPress Has Two Version where you can Map your domain with or go With Which is Open Source where you can self host your site which is more reliable or you can go with let’s talk about its overall features of Self Hosted

How to Setup with WordPress.Org Self Hosted Blog

When it Comes to Setup a where we needs two things one is Domain and other is hosting without these we can’t able to setup WordPress so you need these things if don’t have these can get

Also Read, How to Purchase a Domain With Go-daddy

Getting Best Hosting always the best priority to give users great experience is prime necessary due do something there is worst senerio face by many of you even i started many issue with the previous hosting to ensure you get the best what you can give to your users

Here are some of Hosting You can use While You Just Started Your Blogging journey best & effective also and most of us recommend to use BlueHost

After Successfully You Setup Your Hosting You can move to your Cpanel

How to Setup WordPress in Cpanel

In order to Install WordPress it Requires only Less than 10 Min to Setup Your Blog

Go to Application Under Script You Find “WordPress”

Install WordPress

Next You Need to Fill Your Details and all is done

This Is How You Can Setup WordPress in 2020

Things do after Setup WordPress

Setup Google Analytics to Blog

Setup Google Webmaster-tools

Feel Free to Share if You having Any issue With Setup We can help

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