How to Setup Cloudflare SSL on Your Blog Beginner Guide

SSL Known as(Secure Socket Layer) which involved in establishing authenticating and encrypting links most of the sites you notice now using this SSL even we are running the same so, how to Install Cloudflare SSL

In SSL HTTPS is used rather than the HTTP in chrome if your site is not secure which means don’t install any kind of SSL certificate on the site it shows (not secure) chances more that a user will not trust your Blog or Website as it tagged as not secure

Chrome Not Secure Warning

So, Installing SSL nowadays is very important as it is also a sign of Google Ranking Signals however not only SSL there are many other things that are responsible for Google Ranking but here we only talk about SSL

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Why Install SSL on your Blog or Site

Installing SSL is very important not only from the ranking perspective but as protecting users online which somehow build trust while comparing a non-protected site

  • SSL Protects User’s Sensitive Information eg. username, credit card details, etc.
  • Provide Ranking to Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • It Builds Trust Your Audience comparing a non-protected site as back in 2018 Google Made SSL Mandatory if not you will be tagged as (non-secure) on browsers like Chrome

Why Install Cloudflare SSL on Blog

Cloudflare is one of the best CDN(Cloud Network Delivery) which is a group of geographical servers that provide fast content delivery when someone visits your blog or website near any Geo-location it uses a cache mechanism that stores data on its data centers like images and videos to load things faster

CDN helps not only to deliver the content fast also protects the site from many attacks such as DDoS Attacks and malicious things

How to Install SSL on Blog

To Install Cloudflare on your blog first you require to sign up after signing up

Add your Blog first

Add Site Cloudflare

Choose your plan according to your Requirements

Cloudflare Plans

Now it will Scan DNS thereafter it requires changing the DNS

Change it whatever your Domain Register e.g for me it GoDaddy

Go to DNS

Changing Nameservers

Change it

Set SSL/TLS to Flexible or Full in most of the time Full is quite good for some of you who might experience issues in then opt for Flexible

Cloudflare SSL/TLS

You may experience like this

ERR SSL Protocol

all you need is to wait for at least 1 hour depending it may take some time 48 hours

Yup! You Finally Installed the Cloudflare SSL on Your Blog

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