How to Put Google AdSense Ad in Post Title in Blogger

How to Put Google AdSense Ad in Post Title in Blogger 

Google AdSense Can easily able to Place on WordPress coz it has plugin Features but so it doesn’t mean Blogger user cannot do this Hopefully you can done without knowing any code or hiring any expert to do that In Case of Blogger which Primarily needs place with using theme structure In This post I Will Show You how you can be able to Put Ads in Title in Blogger
Everyone Knows Google AdSense at this time even Google AdSense is one the Best Ad network which Gives Good CPC comparing to the Other Ad Network As Using Google
AdSense Last Two Years it Quite Satisfied with it You are facing Issue with your Google AdSense Low Earning not Because You not have traffic but it may because of the Proper Placement of Ads the Better Ad Placement gives Good Earning In Google AdSense

What if You Place Ad on Post Title

Placing Ad on Inappropriate location of site violate Google AdSense Terms and condition so don’t do that it won’t help you for your long term base so don’t try to place in Inappropriate location but don’t to worry about most of Publisher use This and it gives pretty much Good Result Earning In Mostly Case the CTR are Increase which Google in Earning Point of View but its Your Job to At least Maintain the CTR rate 1 to less than 5 normal but make sure maintain CTR below 10 is Good
Well This Works Well As Most of Publishers use ads on Title it totally depends on Geographical location so if Your Traffic literally come from Tier-1 like US,UK You can expect good earning but if Your Traffic came Counties Like Vietnam, Pakistan, and India earning quite low as comparing with Tier-1 it totally depends upon on Geographical location, competition

How to Place Google AdSense ad in Post Title Right Now

For The First I want tell You that it Really easy to do that most of the Blogger theme support this use a free or any paid theme
Go to Your Blogger Dashboard

Make Sure You take A Backup it is Good habit of an Blogger while doing anything with your blog 

Now opt for Theme (earlier template)
Now We need to Just find the location Just Press Ctrl+F 

As We Place on Post title we need to find the place <data:post.body/>

After that You Need to Put This following

<div style=”float: left; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;”>



Make Sure You Code Parsed HTML to XML
Now Put that
Now you are done
Ads Start Appears but if You Just Create a Ad Unit which 
need least 10-20 min to Show
Hopefully you done
So This how you can Put Ads in Title in Blogger
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