How to Place Adsense Ads on WordPress With Plugin and Without Plugin

When it comes to WordPress Placing ads on it its easy and can be setup with ease as you get plugins to put ads on WordPress rather than manually putting’s with the html codes which frustrating for a beginner but WordPress has it all to things simple Place Adsense Ads on WordPress

Things You Need to Know Before Placing Ads

Google Adsense is still one of the the popular ad network available used by most of bloggers as it easy to setup but the one of the hardest part of getting approval if you follow right steps and with some strategy’s than it easy to getting approval

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Placing Ads is not that hard but placing ads for beginners may find difficult to do so here’s i guide ways to do it ease

Ways to Place Ads on WordPress

You Can place ads with two methods

Manually Place with Code Inside of WordPress : Header , Footer or Sidebar

Using a Plugin : Header, Footer , Sidebar, Paragraphs,

Manually Placing Ads on WordPress

First you need to know that you can place ads on your WordPress blog and it works in most of the WordPress themes and most of themes allows widget header and footer and sidebar and it easy to setup

Things requires first

Generating Ad Code

Go to= Adsense>Ads

Choose Display Ads you can go for any ad unit but recommended that you should at least choose display unit as it best optimized and responsive

Thereafter you require to name of the ad unit as Sidebar, header ad normally the placement or you can remember the name of it

After Creating get code or go to existing code

Copy the Code to paste the code

Move on to the WordPress

After Getting the Ads code you manually place ads with Widget of your WordPress site for .eg if you want to place it on the header of your blog or footer

Go to Appearance>Widget

For Header or Sidebar

This what you can place ads to your Header , Sidebar similar to that you also find footer in many themes you get footer left, footer right, footer middle you can choose any of the placements

How to Place Adsense Ads with Plugins

There are many plugins available but i personally used quick adsense plugin as it very simple for beginners as you need the code and you just need to paste the code done

Go to Plugins>Add new>Quick Adsense

After Installing and activating this Plugin you are ready to go

With Quick Adsense it easy to place the only thing you need to remember that it not just for placing ads header and footer but the best thing about the plugin is that you can also place ads after paragraph where’s CTR is usually good comparing to other unit’s and more earnings

but don’t place many ads as you need a great users experience so avoid to many ads and focus on the quality

How to use Quick Adsense

Mostly the Placement is usually paste on header and footer which is good and but over the period of time to increase CTR (Click through rate) its best to place Beginning of the post ,Middle of the post also end of the post

it can be used for all in one for header, footer, sidebar and even for after paragraph just you need to generate the ad code and paste on the locations you want and done

Hope this Guide Helps

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