How to Move Blogger to WordPress with No Rank Lose

WordPress is always the First choice for me but when it comes create a WordPress Website or blog for Newbies where they don’t aware about the WordPress due they won’t go for setup a WordPress blog or site they move to Google Blogger due creating a blogger blog as easy as we think and it doesn’t require setup things such as hosting In This Post i Will show You how to move blogger to WordPress with no rank lose

Google Blogger is not bad as i used it myself more then one year but i Moved to WordPress due some difficulties i have been face on my blogger blog and finally decided to lift blogger and i no longer working on blogger now in 2019

Why I Moved to Blogger to WordPress

As I Mentioned that i Moved Blogger to WordPress Due i Face difficulties on Blogger but i can’t ignore that Blogger is one of the best platform who tech me a lot things however I Know every blogger who using as free in Blogger once a time they want to move to WordPress due

These Major Issue With The Blogger

Plugins : When it comes for Plugin on Google Blogger less plugin are available to use and Google even not working for more Plugin’s some default are out there where you need to satisfy with this plugins

Theme : One of the biggest downfall where i found while i blogging in Blogger which few themes are available for use in by Blogger Default but right now you can even buy a theme for blogger for your next level blogging

Permalinks : if you are on Google Blogger you know how frustrating is the URL stricture is provided in Blogger you cannot change month and date in every post you publish and not every blogger like this kind of structure even for the users

Archive’s : if i Looked out on Blogger in Most of blogs Archive are clearly visible and i don’t think people using archive on their blog but for me i don’t use archive on my WordPress blog

Ban : Horrible to Think but its true if you are violated the policy your Blogger Blog deleted which is not good

I Think You aware this situations on Blogger blog and because of this situations i finally moved on WordPress and moving to WordPress is quite simple but When it comes to moving a blog which have some ranks on Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and DukDukgo so we need to something where we move successfully even without losing the link juice

Mistake’s Most of Bloggers do While Moving to WordPress

Moving to WordPress is quite simple but when you have ranked for the keywords and you worry about your rankings will loss For me When i Moved to WordPress i do lot’s of mistake and i Loose my ranks but I understand why i lost my traffic later i Fixed those things


How to Move Blogger to WordPress without effecting Rank

Here We Tell You the Exact steps you need to follow

What You need to do first

Backup Your Blogger content first


thereafter we need to Change the Name server Domain Management

after that move on cPanel>add on Domain to add domain or if you are create already then go to domain folder if you setup WordPress then you can skip this if not then you need to follow this

Make Sure you Setup your blog with WordPress


then we need to apply additional plugins

Things we Need to Know applying additional plugins

I Think You setup WordPress now

First Change the Permalinks to this format these format in Custom Structure


Note That if you need to change this format due the blogger post contains this year and month on the post

First Install Blogger Import Plugin

Import First

Now Run Importer

Thereafter one last plugin need to install

Blogger to WordPress Plugin

Blogger to WordPress

First Install it and get the code

Now paste it on Blogger template but in order to put code you need to first to revert your theme to classic one

Putting Code

if you earlier used SSL on Blogger then First we need to Setup a SSL certificate to site you can buy a SSL certificate or you can try a alternative Free SSL or Cloudflare

After doing all you are all set no need to do anything you are successfully Move blogger to WordPress

Let me Know in comment if you done


Can i Migrate from Blogger to WordPress?

Yes You can able to Move WordPress

How do I Transfer my domain from blogger to WordPress ?

if You want transfer your Domain blogger to WordPress then you need to do step lots of thing such as need hosting, and WordPress and few Plugins

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