How to make your First Blog

How make a you First Blog 

How to make your First Blog

Everyone doesn’t know about the blogging here we are going to discuss how you can easily start a blog with step by step with more and how you can easily get right now well

Things know when you start blog

Before you make your First blog First thing that if you have a talent and passion and you want to make your passion online with tons of visitor “that sounds so cool know that tons of visitor does it happens actually for e.g. if you create a blog and that you think that without doing doing anything you can make blog successful 

1St thing

As we are going to start what actually do when you going to start a blog 3 things matter when you going to create a blog

So when ask people that which you prefer for blogging ?

I know that answer from the Average person said WordPress and few people say about the Google Blogger

Well if you thing that most of the person say WordPress and few people say that the Blogger
Ok when I suppose I ask you that what you gonna prefer 

I know that you are going to confuse which is best well

For me both platform are best when you should apply this probably when look Firstly I prefer all of you that if you want a blog that free of cost that means that you should go for the Google Blogger well you that Google blogger is really free and doesn’t charged you for anything you can easily write a post and simply go and post well this Is Good actually but here are the limitation that really goona hurt your blog

  • .First you need to know that its totally free but with subdomain
  • .Classic template that looks so bore
  • .you need to hire someone to care your blog Template
  • .don,t no why but true lack of SEO

First you need to know that its totally free but with subdomain
Well it Good to Start with coz you don’t have any traffic at that time so you should go for the Google Blogger


The WordPress

Those who want make there blog with WordPress it good to start with WordPress if you have a willing to pay the cost well before you are going to rock with your blog with WordPress you should know before you start

Things you need before you are going to start your WordPress blog.

As Google Blogger offer free blogging to its user WordPress also offer free blogging it also good to start with your free WordPress blog for carry out passion on blogging you know that all free things are not Good WordPress has also has a limitation 

  • . With Free you have a subdomain
  • . You won’t able to place ads on your blog
  • . You cannot able the actual stats of visitor
  • .Wordpress Place there ad on your Blog

So, you should have to go for a premium one as Google Blogger is good for blogging free you can also use free version of WordPress it good when you start your blog with a hobby not for making money online if you are came for making money online than you have to left blogging or if have a original content than you should use blogging but those who came to make money online. 

Look i don,t saying making money through blogging is not Good but if you have the traffic than think to start earning money 

But when you are going to create your blog with WordPress
Things to Remember
Firstly you need a custom domain

See, how to Get Domin

Go to WordPress


Choose domain name

and start Blog Today

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