How to identify bot traffic in google analytics and fix 

Are You a blogging and very much exited to see traffic increase to your blog did you know that sometimes this is not what look alike frankly I have to say that however there significant traffic increase to your blog and you really much exited to see traffic however traffic very much increase in blogging not doubt but some traffic are bot and spam In This Post I will show a detail Process of identify bot traffic in google analytics and fix 

 What is Bot Traffic

Did You Know that sometime we see some unrealistic traffic which wasn’t visited by a real user let me say this traffic was not real as you can see this traffic which looks not real and this traffic look a like suspicious don’t worry I know  its seems very frustration movement when we see some suspicious traffic which was not organic traffic and rather than and ,Social, referral traffic this is basically a spam you may called and this traffic not a real traffic which seems not good for your blog I Know you very angry and frustrated see bot or spam traffic so don’t worry it can be fixed easily as this traffic are fake traffic no one visit that time when we notice some traffic Increase  

How to Fix Bot Traffic With Filter 

First We have to see does traffic are real or not or looking any suspicious

How to look that

we need to go Traffic>Referral

You can see this kind of traffic which is looking suspicious
So what we do next,

First we need to go to our dashboard

First we Need to Know that mostly bot and spam traffic are referral traffic which shows on Google Analytics and very much affect our Analytics report however take a relax because traffic like Social and Organic traffic are good and generally no issue with Let’s see first how to fix this kind of bot or spam traffic

There is Two way to Fix Bot Traffic

First Google itself allows you to fix bot and spider filter option and As first we see the fix bot and spider filter option which is quite easy

Its Easy do that 

You Are on Dashboard of Google Analytics 

now go to Admin Panel 

In Admin Panel opt View Settings

You Will Find for Bot Filter Option Just Enable

Save it 

Next We need to know that there is manual way to do that for single referral source

After doing that you are done but really it was enough too not much as however this will minimize most of the bot and spam traffic but not work for all a like this work not so much and really it helpful and its filter most bot and spider traffic which mainly known by Google itself but

What If still Bot and Spam Traffic are showing in Analytics?
As Above so here we can put the second manual way to do that
Now You Need just to Take the Referral traffic if you find something suspicious than move forward

First Visit Google Analytics Dashboard

Thereafter Admin Panel of Google Analytics  

And Find Filter 

so Here You can i already filter most of spams

Now You Need Just Add Filter manually

Now You Need to Enter the Referral URL and Save 

You Are Done 

If still any spam traffic are showing you can do the same to filter the spam traffic

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