How to Grow A New Blog With 0 to 10K Monthly Pageviews(2021)

The harsh Reality of blogging getting 0 to 10,000 Pageviews is not hard but not easy enough as well the thing you need to remember that its not going happened in one night even it takes a 6 month so on depends upon you and your consistency work and more you need some strategies to follow that works best to grow your blog from 0 to 10K

I started blogging back at mid 2016 doing nothing just made a blog written a post i starting assuming that traffic may soon come to the blog and its just ruined my thinking that make a blog blow traffic and earn money but reality is totally different

Why you need Pageviews

I know its seems you confused but having no idea why you want more Pageviews so first determine that why you need pageviews it may be different person to person some needs branding, sales its depends upon you

Here are the things you should follow that helps you to grow more pageviews

Choosing a Niche : The best thing you do first is to determine the niche of your blog first don’t just randomly start writing on anything choosing a perfect niche if you have experience of something or you have a hobby it may cooking, DIY or whatever start

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How to get Initial traffic to Your Blog

When you choose a niche make sure you comfortable to write your blogs most of the new bie start blogging to see others which is not good ask yourself in which topic you comfortable to write post’s in long run the more you write you more learn

Understand Your Readers First

its best to analyze your audience first that give you a roadmap that will help understand your users at deep level the more you understand your readers better you write content for them i know its hard to determine at very early stages no traffic is coming on your blog

What you do next

I know that how frustrating when you have few traffic the best things you can do eye on lading pages, which page usually users spading time more than the other pages to better understand you can checkout you analytics figure

Behavior>Site Content>Landing Pages

Things you to analyze which page users spending more time and try producing content related to those pages users likely to engaged that pages as well

Source of the traffic

The best source of traffic is always better with search engine where’s you get regular traffic to your blog but even than that you have traffic coming from different sources such as Social media, referrals, Emails the things you can do is not only search but also these sources to

In this case Most of My traffic is coming from the search engine and you can see that people coming direct, social and from referral but the rate of traffic is low

But, in your case maybe traffic coming form the other sources such as Pinterest or Facebook, twitter this traffic is also good but you need to focus on the organic traffic there are many ways to boost organic searches


Creating Depth Content : Start Creating content with well researched topic in depth that means users stick to your blog to read the content In SEO E-A-T(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is very important factor as it can be taken as Page Quality Requirement

The Point is the more content is well written as users get value as it doesn’t mean you write thing content your content fulfill users need

Internal Linking : Linking your other pages is also beneficial if users came to your blog is Likely to read your linked pages it helps to reduce the bounce rate as users spending more and more time to read your post

The Positive effect is page on time increase which depends how users engaging to content may be there is a chances users will bounce but its limited with Internal Links unless your content is not relevant

Featured and Top Pages : You Notice some pages is performing good at your audience and likely the bounce rate is quite is low than make sure you put these type of content on the featured post

Add Newsletter to Blog : Why you need Newsletter to your blog its best way to get traffic back to your blog most of you don’t use Newsletters on your one of the biggest reason you allow this to your blog to get due this helps users get new post whenever you publish it on your blog

This helps users get notice that you publish post on your blog as it result users will came to your blog at least to read to blog however not all users will came to your blog unless they interested with the post

Add Social Widget : People Spent time on social media to so if you still not have option to allow users to share content than you need to add more users share your content it will drive more traffic

Social sharing is also notice by Search engines so allow Social Sharing on your blog there are many plugins is present in WordPress you could use

Guest Blogging : Guest Blogging allow you share your content to website or any business blog to show your authority within the niche your are working on the core benefit is to build to the audience reason you need to outreach and start writing guest blog

How to guest blog

There are many ways to find out the opportunity you can use google

Type “ Your Niche and Guest post”

“Your Niche “Submit a Guest Post”

Be Consistent : Being Consistent on blogging is great in terms of SEO and i notice that users likely coming back to blog to read stuffs the more you write on particular topic is likely more keywords to rank the your blog expose to your audience

it gives users to trust in you more and helps you to grow blog in long run i know when you stop blogging you stuck regular blogging is good so be consistent

Optimize With SEO : SEO is core part of blogging i don’t think you can ignore this without of it you can go in long term the things you can do is to optimize your blog for better SEO its helps to boost your traffic in long term

if you not optimizing you blog post the chances are you getting less traffic as usually most of time users found your blog with organic searches and the best part is likely to visit again which is better for long terms

so you should also focus on optimizing your blog post to

This what helps me to gain more than 10K pageviews a month i hope this will helps you to gain the same

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