How to get AdSense Approval YouTube, WordPress and Blogger Blog (Case Study)

How to get Adsense Approval

AdSense is Dream to get approval whatever you are on YouTube, WordPress, or Blogger Blog most of us know that it wasn’t easy those who don’t know how to actually get AdSense Approval to their WordPress blog or YouTube or Blogger blog In This Post I Will tell You the strategy to get Approval easy

Believe or not you need to just Follow this Things to get Approval If You are New on YouTube, WordPress or Blogger than Don’t worry First Relax and don’t worry to as more more you worry You Frustrate for me I Feel bad if you get frustrate I Know Many times get disapproval we stop to do more In My Case worst thing happened because you don’t know I got three times of getting disapproval form AdSense I Will Tell You Things that You can do before applying AdSense approval YouTube, WordPress and Blogger Blog 

What Is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is Widely popular is Ad network for me and most of the publisher that are relying only on Google AdSense and living While Google AdSense have more rule regulations terms and conditions which mainly we violate while we received as you can See below mails

Did You Know if We Follow the Rules Regulation and Terms and conditions of Google AdSense so Google AdSense Team never get disapproved AdSense however you got approved and if you do anything wrong with Google AdSense which violets the terms and condition will also get blocked as the Traffic which is coming right thought any kind of such referral, Social Publisher is responsible for the traffic

Things are Getting Change Time to Time and and you have to if you doing same mistake again and again then so its time you need change so here we discuss in depth

First let Start With YouTube 

How to get Adsense Approval  Youtube


Why YouTube

Many of us start with first with YouTube as it simple to setup for everyone and When i Started Online my First Priority is YouTube because I don’t Know anything about blogging but I know that people making money while uploading Video Content and early days its so easier to get Instant Approved for Adsense

YouTube Adsense Approval Notice

One of the Simplest AdSense and easily Approval for the my YouTube Channel I got in 2015 and there is no hurdle that time you can able to get easily approved early process was quite easy means every one get approval on that time where I approved My YouTube Channel

Is Getting Adsense on YouTube is Hard

What about nowadays rules Now, 10,000 Views to Get Approval Its not very thought to gaining 10,000 views to get approved for AdSense YouTube last year as YouTube clear in their Creator blog and this wasn’t really exist not much time coz it also been changed due to spam as users get views quickly but watch times not very much impressive as YouTube views counts if anyone just click it watching two three second back which was the reasons YouTube Again changed the AdSense Terms for YouTube As New condition

YouTube Partner Program update

For those who are small YouTube Creator who were not complete their 1000 subscriber and one more hurdle is to complete 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube in last 365 days as YouTube Clear in Creator Blog

How to Get Monetization Approved on YouTube

YouTube Monetization is not easy nowadays which earlier possible due there is no rule and regulations YouTube pay attention but things are getting change over time now the current stats require to have at least 4000 watch time and 1000 Subscribers which not hard as you think

Things You Need to Pay Attention While Making Content on YouTube

Strategy to Surpass threshold Criteria of Monetization on YouTube

Choose a Category(Niche) : While Most of You Started YouTube with Uploading Random Content on YouTube and somehow its not gonna help you out in Long Run most of the time i saw many Youtubers create a lot content only one particular topic

(E.g if someone creating content on iOS Related things While one Who Subscribe Him for iOS related content but You started uploading about android so the chance is rear that subscriber Who Subscribe for iOS stuffs will Watch Your Video)

Constancy : Consistency is Key of Getting Success on YouTube and its fit best for those who creating quality content on YouTube so many of you Will ask do regular uploads are best or we do a Week or a Month

Remember always quality better then the quantity content i saw worse senerio of many Youtubers when they started getting views at certain point they stop uploading they start ignoring or busy schedule they upload in a week or month after they gone and this not good

The Best thing you can do is make a schedule

E.g if You Upload regular then always upload regular basic or If You Upload a Week then upload weekly Videos make sure you need to figure out when your audience is mostly active or choose a particular time for upload if you upload regular at 9 ‘o’ clock then go for 9 daily

Work As Brand : Branding Plays Important Role in YouTube as Well in blogging also so branding is process or practice of creating a logo or Symbol you can see our logo and requires a name which differentiate your YouTube channels form others and also attract your users

Things You can do Creating a Brand

Brand Name : Make Sure Your Brand Name is Short as it easy to remember for everyone a great example can be seen with Google as you can see it has only 6 characters which easy to remember even we also chosen max 10 characters

Logo : Logo Works as Symbol so creating a logo always best while you creating channel there are many online tools exist where you can use for Creating a Logo I usually use Canva for creating any kind of info graphics

Your About Page : Whenever You create a Channel Your Goal is provide the true information of What Kind of Content your Channel Provides such

Socially Active : Make Sure You also active on other Social Platforms such as Facebook,Twitter Where users are also active on these platforms and don’t start inviting randomly anyone instead you can use it on about page or in YouTube descriptions if people like your content then they most of time there is chance that you get a subscriber and likely follow your Page

New YouTube Studio

I know this numbers are significantly thought but not much if you work really its not hard I know most of you are talking this 4000 hours’ time won’t complete

Pro Tip (You Need Analysis to the Trending on Internet and Make Videos on That and Follow the creators which videos are getting more views and try to create as this not hard to complete)

Finally we came to WordPress and Blogger Blog believe or if you follow this things you really get approved form Google Adsense I know the disappointment while you receive this mail 

Adsense Not Approved

On that day I realized that something i not doing well so again i applied for the Google Adsense rejected due to not meet program polices where i follow this things to get approved   Common Mistake that I Made and you also do I Know Blogging is a primary business you are adding value to the user which you get return form as in My case where I don’t know anything about blogging seriously I done mistake that really you need to know and please don’t repeat before applying for AdSense

Here are the mistake that I done

Post Requirement: Look if you want to get approved with Google AdSense nowadays you need quality content without it don’t think of applying for AdSense your first job is a least write good content to your blog which add value user who came and read your blog you not just copy and pasting others to your blog its negatively impact to your blog

try to write about stuff that you interested about Your Mainly focus to your Content quality As I Seen Many of you just apply for AdSense without having quality content which is not great think of it without proving any value did you get something?

Obviously No

Pro Tip (Before You Apply Make sure You Written More than 40 Post and thereafter apply for the AdSense I Know Still Have Question Many of People Just Get Approval on Few Post As I Already mention that if the quality of the content is good so you will easily get approval however few more things is cover you will know better let’s move on to the Second and most necessary)

Navigation on Site Design : If your Site Design not good looking I not talking that you need to hire Web Developer to expense money to create a theme for you need to know there is tons of Free WordPress Theme itself available and also for Blogspot blogs also have that provide good site design for your blog

e.g I am a user and I visited your blog and I don’t find any navigation’s button which is primary need on a Site Design Your Focus to keep Site Design which have the Navigation that user find easy to navigate your blog

So, it Doesn’t mean that you have quality content to your blog site Design also matters if you want to get approved form Google AdSense and this is mistake I have done when I Applied for the AdSense for the Second time and thereafter the mistake that every newbie blogger does

Scrappy Copy content : Did You Know that writing a blog take lot effort to create a engaging content it is toughest part how potential time take to write a content and early stage of blogging many of you copy content form site and paste to your site however this trend almost slowly down at that that I started blogging I copy content and paste which negatively impact I Just Copy and paste to get Approval as this not work nowadays

If You are just copy pasting content to get approval so this not works this time your content must be unique so chance are to get approval quickly

Pro Tip (Why People Copy Paste because they don’t know how blogging or they wanted not to write content For me it’s hard to write content that I don’t have knowledge find out which niche you are comfortable to write as for long term blogging so first analysis yourself that which niche(category) you can write its done)  

Including Important Pages: While most blogger use this pages including me also so what are those pages that you need to include into your blog

About us : About us page is very important in your blog people find about pages when they curious to know what is your blog what you are proving to them and its necessary to include

Privacy Policy : Privacy Policy is another important page that you need to include to your privacy policy mainly written about the information how you handle data of your visitors and are using those information or using the data collected to for selling information everything you need clarify the policy which you maintain     

Contact us Page : Contact page most have on your blog with help of this your users can easily able to reach out to you and it necessary to give the business mail id to your page so user can easily able to contact with you You can include Your Social Handles on pages and its also helpful your visitors to easily contact with you and really it help most likely most of us including me busy on the social Media so create your Social media handle too      

Disclaimer : Disclaimer one of the Final page that you need to create into your blog this mainly written due to not been responsible for any damages or any warranty it also need to written to your blog  

Non-Hosted BlogSpot : Non Hosted blogger Platform which is one of the freeway to blog without speeding any hosting cost as it Google’s own platform and here you get a subdomain which Well I Tried with BlogSpot for the First time and really for the first time I got disapproved

if you are one of those who are trying to get approval with a Free domain well I not get approved with my BlogSpot try to get approval with Custom Domain and I Strongly recommend you Godaddy CustomDomain Make sure you Include this pages to your blog So these things need to be fixed first as

I Don’t Recommend to apply for the AdSense Finally Applying this thing i go approved Adsense 

Adsense Approved

Mostly do before applying adsense Applying From Non-hosted BlogSpot : it doesn’t mean if you are a blogger BlogSpot platform you not get approval you definitely get approval but if you are still sue BlogSpot subdomain so please upgrade to custom domain your chance likely to get approval very fast

Sufficient content : I know every newbie blogger understand this coz they mostly get insufficient content mail for not getting approval it doesn’t mean you won’t apply but make sure you have enough post than re-apply for the AdSense Including About Us page, Privacy, and Disclaimer : Most likely if you create you blog and not yet written About Us page, Privacy page and Disclaimer page than first create it thereafter write blog I Think this would helpful for you how to get How to get AdSense Approval YouTube, WordPress and Blogger Blog     

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