How to Fix Ads.txt Blogger and WordPress

When I Know what happened to with AdSense where I Found that One Warning is up there on Dashboard and this Warning is says “Earning at Risk and this not so great so how you overcome this situation and I Want to Tell You it can be fixed easily so how you fix Ads.txt blogger and WordPress

If You Are Facing this Kind of situation

No Matter Which CMS you are own it May be WordPress or the Google Blogger for both CMS platforms you can fixed it out

Things You Need to Know about ads.text

Ads.txt is a initiative for transparent in Programming advertising are here the txt file contains who authorized to sell our inventory and this need to be have on your WordPress and Blogger if You not yet created ads.txt file then there is conman that you received warning but it can be fixed

How to Fix Ads.txt Right Now

For WordPress

If you are using WordPress then you not need to worry a lot because it can be fixed within a minutes and it doesn’t take so much time so there is two way to do one Obviously the Plugin and other uploading ads.Txt to Your cPanel it quite easy

So let’s do that

One of the Best Plugin I Used which Works Super Fine With No Hassle

Ads.text Plugin  : Ads.txt Plugin is out there in WordPress and it can be easily installed at activated Make sure you Install This Plugin thereafter what we need to do here In This Post tell You the Step by step Process

So Lets Jump in

First on the Plugin section Add New Then

We Need to Search the Ads.txt Pluign

Thereafter we Need just simply activate but really no more things to do one last thing you need to do putting your ads.txt file


Here We Need Just Put Here this on it, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

But Things You need to Know that Whenever you Put This Make Sure You Put Your Publisher ID so Basically you want to know about how to find yours Publisher ID go to Adsence in Your Profile clearly visible your id

Now its Time to go with Cpanel

Login In Your Cpanel and find the public.html in File Mamager

simply upload the ads.txt file


For Google Blogger

First Login to Your Dashboard

on Setting

You Need to same Put Your ads.txt file in it

Thereafter all Done

How to Validate Ads.Txt on Your Blogger and WordPress

At Then as We Done all setup but one last things still need to do whcih is to validate the ads.txt so in order to do you visit if it shows no error and this will appears with your Publisher ID then We have Done, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Let Me know in Comment if you fixed it

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