How to Earn Money With Blogging 8 Genuine Ways to get Started

Earning Money from blogs can possible ?

The reality is you can but how

Well In Terms of blogging there’s ton of ways we can make money online with blogging alone so the key point is to remember that most if the blogs won’t even a earn dollar from blog and some makes a lot so this happens to all of us it may depend upon you and overall your work so what are the ways to earn money with blogging

Most of the time if you think should make a blog will it earn money or not answer is yes you can do but it requires a proper mindset and smart work to achieve the things

What are the ways you can earn money with Blogging

Making Money through blogging is not so complex yet but the things you requires to know the ways you can start with so what are those ways you can start with

Beginner Like Me and you rely on Google Adsense we know its easy to setup and start making money it requires some traffic to earn with but the best part is it gives approval with no minimum traffic but there is lots of ways you do with your blog

Display Ad Networks : Display Networks are very easy to setup it requires your blog at least get the initial traffic as i told already that some In Adsense you requires no minimum traffic but some Premium networks like Mediavine, Ezoic Adthrive has some traffic requirement you need to first fulfil first

How Display Ad Networks Pays you

The Most of common part is that you get paid by getting RPM(Revenue Per Mile) 1000 Ad Impression In Google Adsense you get paid with CPC(Cost per click) CPM(Cost per Mile) and eCPM(effective cost per mile)

Most of the Ads Network pays in these terms of this while you can go with any of ad networks but it doesn’t you get the approval some times its hard to get approval from ad networks if not meet their guidelines and traffic requirements even i get disapproval form many ad networks in beginning

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Traffic Requirement of following Ad Networks

Ad NetworkTraffic Requirements
Google AdsenseNone
Ezoic10,000 Sessions(Not Pageviews)
Mediavine25,000 Sessions(Not Pageviews)
Adthirive1,00,000 Pageviews Required

Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to get earn online many bloggers suggest you to start with affiliate blogs and the best thing about affiliate blogs you hancy commission on sells there are many affiliate marketing programs available you can start with one of the popular affiliate program we know Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing Works in Blogs

In simple way if i let you know promoting others product and services it can be anything’s like watch’s, phones, ebooks and services where’s you get paid certain commission if the sale is came from your referral

Do Affiliate Marketing blogs Requires High Traffic

In blogging affiliate is widely popular due its can be start and the best part usually not requires high traffic however the traffic high is not bad but with minimum quality traffics can provide better conversion it depends upon which affiliate product you are promoting

How much Affiliate commission you get

When it comes to commission it depends on affiliate networks for e.g Amazon Affiliate where’s every category is defined its commission rates due the coronavirus pandemic the commission usually dropped by the amazon

so it basically depends upon the product and the affiliate network what commission they provide to you

Affiliate Networks that popular

Click Bank

CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction


Flipkart Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate

Getting Sponsored Post : Getting a Sponsored post its no easy in very begging but when blogs get old the chances that you get sponsor blog post what i experience the more blogs get old and ranking ups people looks for the blogs that accept sponsored post

Witting Reviews : While there is another way that can generate money while writing reviews you may see many reviews while searching on google Not every blogs get Paid to write the reviews and its very genuine way to get money not just writing the review but you also get commission on sale e.g Any Product or software’s

Membership : Membership is also great ways to generate money while in blogging such as providing any services and getting fee it may be recurring or one time e.g Course Fee, Video Tutorial such as coding class, and many other things where you can get money

Selling eBooks : Ebooks can also generate money in blogging i don’t you may purchase’s any kind of eBooks but believe or not it generate good money with it you can write your own or promote eBook’s into your blogs

Providing Services as freelancer : if you heard Freelancing for the first time than you need to know that with freelancing you can do task for your client for e.g in blogging you can setup blogs, design infographics etc

Providing Ad Space : Many established blogs ands website offer advertising on their blogs which usually get high traffics and this gives them to earn extra money AdSpace on blogs if you getting high traffic you can provide ad space


There are tons of ways to earn money with blogs but if you just started a blog and earn money than these ways will help you to monetize you blog overall monetizing a blogs is not so complex as you think

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