How to Create Blog in Blogger in Just Few Min

How to create a blog in blogger if you are new to the blogging  and wondering to create a blog in blogger well we show exactly how to create blog in blogger in just few minutes so without wasting any time let’s start creating a blog but wait few things you need to know before starting a blog in blogger so How to Create Blog in Blogger  

Blogger provide you a platform that supports free at no extra cost for you either for the hosting in blogger you can create your blog for free and blogger provide a free hosting for your domain which is really good for the beginner who wondering start a new blog like you  

Did You Know that blogging is free and this free blog provide you a free domain which can be called a sub-domain e.g. for your understanding a example already I give a sub-domain is which part of a domain there is tons of example to show you but you need only understand that “sub-domain is part of domain” which provide by most of free blogging platforms but free blogging widely popular platform is blogger as you understand about the sub-domain I think so here mentioned about domain including a free domain   


Type of Blogs you can create 

  Well When it comes to create a blog especially if you creating your blog for the first time and you have no idea how to create a blog well you can create your blog with free with a subdomain or you can just buy a custom domain which is not free which is chargeable by the Domain Register and there is beneficial for blog for in terms of ranking   It doesn’t mean that you can’t start a blog with a free you can start your blog with sub-domain         Sub-domain : A Sub-domain is a part of a custom domain which most of sites while this   Custom Domain:- A custom Domain can be example means you can create your own domain name which is good for the long term use for you blog   

How to create a blog in blogger 

  Now First You Need to Visit blogger Site   After visiting the blogger you can see interface like this and this you can see there is two option there one is to sign in an another create a blog so recommended you to sign in to Google first thereafter you need to create the blog  

  As you can able to see that there is Create a Blog is Open

  Now There is three things You need filled up   One of title of Your Blog   And second is your Address which is important You can see that blogger showed that you could later can choose a custom domain we also not going for the custom first we create a address with sub-domain thereafter we buy a custom domain and at the last you need to choose the theme and you can finally click on the create a blog   So now Your Finally Your Blog is created   After creating your blog you will see that your blog has dashboard which is listed below  

First You need to understand that what are these things and what you can able to do these things so now   So now we start with the  

Posts : Posts contains all of your post which you written in the blog and this post contains you all post, your draft post and it shows which post are published in blogger  

Stats: Stats shows were is reader is coming from it shows a details overview of your traffic of your blog including Traffic source and Audience   Comments: in this you will how many people comments

Earnings : In this option You Will See the earning related things    Pages: Page is one of the important tool in blogger with help of this you can create a page for your blog  

Layout : The Layout tab actually shows the layout of your blog in and you can customized your blog with help of the layout option

Theme : In this Theme option earlier it was template you can actually able edit your code of your blog in order to design your blog   At The end Settings Option You can manage your blog including basic, post comments sharing, language formatting, and search preferences and other settings  

Consultation   Well I think you understand how you can easily able to create your blog also known what are the things were provided in dashboard it really easy to create so now if you are still confused then please comment below

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