How To Complete 1000 Subscribers On YouTube in 2020-Case Study

Starting a YouTube Channel is easy nowadays and anyone can start one of the hardest part in the Journey is obvious the Subscribers Game-play most of you have a myth uploading anything will help you to get Subscribers fast so how to Complete 1000 Subscribers On YouTube

Reality is totally different

Might Be Your Video getting Stuck at no-more views

People not Subscribe to You

What happen to your channel did you doing something wrong or might you hurting your YouTube Search Discovery

In This Post I Will Tell You the exact strategy that can help you to boost your channel form scratch

Why YouTube not Pushing You Up

YouTube 1000 Subscribers

Most of You Getting Frustrated due not Getting Views

believe me or not its wasn’t so hard getting Views in Early days

YouTube is a Search engine which came after Google

YouTube Somehow gives a fair chance of getting new content get discovered on YouTube Search

Ranking on Top in Google is not easy task comparing to YouTube

I Know, When i Was Created Channel back at 2016 so it super easy to create getting monetization even also instant


In 2020 things are getting change in early days people make mistake and i did the same

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Mistakes that Everyone do YouTube In Beginning

Started YouTube For Money :

To Survive We need Money and its ok but really it matters to everyone due to happend what people start focusing on money more then the content creation so in early days on its hard to make money

things are changed you can’t earn money unless you have more then 1000 subscribers with 4000 Hours of Watch-time.

Maintain Consistency :

YouTubers try to be consistent in any way they upload at least one video a day

this will boost viewership of channel if you not getting consistent

sometime what i experience that people moved to other channel they only need content

Clickbait :

When you search something on YouTube and you finally found a video but the material you looking is not visible as mention on the title or the thumbnail so this is a bad practice somehow you can bring users but next time they likely not came back to Your Channel if do same thing again and again

Set a Audience :

Before Making Any Video We should have to at least analyze the audience

your focus is to determine of your audience rather then making random videos


if Someone Subscribed Me to Learn About Blogging then likely show interest on Blogging stuff rather then the other stuff

Multiple Niche :

Why You Should Avoid this on Your Main Channel

if You creating Digital Marketing Stuff then provide only that if you put something else such unboxing kind of thing why people will watch out if they not interest watching unboxing as they Subscribed You for digital marketing stuff

Pro tip

(if you want to do unboxing,gaming ,vlogging, or other stuff so don’t do this to your main channel try to create another channel due to its better as likely niche oriented channel get boost so fast such as food,vlogging,DIY,Tech channel)

Sharing Your Content :

Sharing Content is another way of getting views

when you share almost to your Social Media

such as Facebook, Twitter, happened you get your initial views which primary needed

Spamming :

Sharing to anyone will lead your watch-time decrease so is likely chances

if users even from social media started bounce back form your video hurt your views

instead try to share those who interested on the particular topic which suits best for getting watch-time

as engagement rate is higher rather then sharing to anyone

YouTube Impressions

Pro Tip:

(its Better to give time to create your best content for users which engaging and shareable so people share your content as more likely YouTube push your video to up when the CTR and Watch time Increases of Your Video and it Only happen when You Create Quality videos)

Top 10 Tips to Grow Your Subscribers Genuinely

Growing YouTube not hard as you think all you need a proper mindset to get started

so don’t Frustrated views not came in early days

The best guide that i can give you to boost your YouTube Channel

Analyzing Competition :

Analyzing Competition is first way to get started on YouTube

most of us being frustrated due niche quite over-saturated which means more likely competition is high

But it doesn’t mean you can’t start on the niche but somehow its hard to become successful

Passion :

All You Need Passionate what you do and Why it Requires in Long-Run

When it Comes to Passion Many of You Just Started YouTube for Money but Money is Secondary thing all you need to focus on your Passion if you not passionate enough about your work then the enthusiasm will soon fade away and you Quit

Finding A Perfect Niche

Finding a Perfect Niche for a Beginner is confusing but you need to know that you can pick niche that you interested

Don’t look forward to the others as might be you are not interested on that niche

you only see the growth and money but you are ignoring the hard work put by them.

For me the best recommendation is ask yourself What you Good at

E.g Can Cook Better, Good at Gaming, Can Motivate Someone, DIY Crafts

Here Some Profitable Niches You Can Start With

  • How to
  • Tech
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Movie Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Gaming
  • DIY
YouTube Traffic Sources

Most of the Traffic you can see is came from YouTube Search

Other traffics are coming right from the Suggested and other YouTube Features as user coming form search and this will help you in long-term your goal is to convert users to your subscriber

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos With SEO

Let’s Type our Keyword On Google

Searching Keyword

When we tried to Search Keyword”Tripod for YouTube videos

You notice that Google now suggesting me some other keywords

This searched by users so we get and idea about users are also searching

these keyword Phrases we can included this in our Keywords in list,


If You are struggling for your videos that are not getting properly optimize

So how we can optimize in best way to get views?.

In such a manner first we have to figure out keywords which we going to target and we need to know the trend of the keyword so that we are going to use the Google Trends

Google Trend Analysis

How to find Low Competition Keywords

In Order to Find Low Competition Keywords you need some SEO-Tools

one of the best tool is that I use is Google Keyword Planner

Targeting low competition keywords with high volumes going to help you searches are low you can target any other keywords

For e.g: tripod forYoutube channel.

Keyword Planner Analysis

its just to show you how you analyze the competition but this competition are changes as it shows ads competition

You can use Paid Tools to determine search Volume Such As Ahrefs or SEMrush

SEMrush :

i use and literally paid tools have some advantages over free tool were provides more insights such as backlinks Explore

SEMrush Keyword Analysis

Get More Keyword Idea With answerthepublic


and one more free keyword tool you can use

Free Alternative Keyword Planner :it is Best alternative keyword tool you can use for getting more keyword Idea’s in it and this will provide a tons of keyword that can help to get started

So Tool With Help You to Get an Idea About Your Keyword

When it Comes to Uploading

YouTube Meta Description

Finally You are going to upload your video so what are things you need to be remember

Title :

You Need to Provide Your Keywords in Title and title must be attract users try to provide catchy unique titles and this will boost CTR(Click Through Rate) so its better give good tittle that primarily attract users

Description :

its necessary to provide your description it works as metadata that helps YouTube to understand about your video and provide Rankings write careful about your videos and don’t spam

Tages :

if You are using it properly in Your Videos then you get traffic from that make sure that are relevant for better optimization are necessary so make sure put tages carefully as you can’t ignore this so provide proper to your video

Call in Action : Make Sure You Encourage people to subscribe channel

if you new here consider subscribe as we upload this kind of videos in beginning

and at end and last need to encourage for like and comment and share

if Users Like & Comment then this is best sign of engaging content

Sharing :

At the End When it comes to sharing don’t spam share only with those you think are going to engage

this help to boost your watch-time if you share randomly to anyone chances watch-time may decrease if they bounce back

YouTube End screen

Use End Screen :

if You don’t use this tool then you need to try this due it helps to engage users when video end

then they can view other videos make sure in End Screen you place only related

chance getting higher user will also view your end-screen video

Thumbnail :

Don’t Click-bait to much try to be clear mindset while creating you must provide quality again don’t mislead user

Hope this strategy will help you out to Complete 1000 Subscribers On YouTube


SEO is Require in YouTube without of it you can’t survive

unless you start with proper way and the main goal of yours is to provide value

work as a brand and grow your audience

convert users into your audience then you are ready to go

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