Site Title is one of the important part you must provide the WordPress its appealing first so firstly i understand that what if i not use it but later due to some reason i have change Site title and Tagline in WordPress

Most of the blogs and site uses the site title in their blog and site moreover for new blogger who using for the first time WordPress than you should consider to have

Why you Should have Site Title and Tagline

Site title

One of prime reason you should have site tittle that actually matters to your users when someone landed any of your page with no title they won’t know what you site about and it actually describe what is your blog about so you should have a site title

Even its also better for the SEO to and with no site title its usaually looks not good a great site is always appealing so should consider to have a clean and unique site title

Tag Line

Tagline is also important its also attached with the site title you should provide specific tag line that meets with your blog if you check out our blog you noticed that we also included the tagline to it describe that my blog is about Blogging, SEO and afflaite

So the thing you do in your blog that you also do the same .eg if you have a tech blog who write specifically how to on iPhone’s in tagline you provide iOS, iPhone how etc. according to your niche if it has make it unique

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How to Change my Default Site title in WordPress

if you recently came to my blog you notice that i have also site title you can see but the main key point is how to change your site title you want in your blog

For the first if you just installed the WordPress for the first time don’t worry it pretty easy to setup yours

First Open you WordPress Dashboard

Find the Setting>General

General Setting WordPress
General Setting

Now you can see the title and Tagline Chane it what you want

site title and tagline

after changing the title and tagline save it you are done

this is how to Change site title and tagline in WordPress

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