How to Change Font Size in WordPress Full Guide

If you want to increase the Font size of your Blog post you don’t know how you can do it I will explain various methods which will help you improve your front size you can do without and with the help of using the Plugins

In this, I will discuss mainly three ways to do which is tested and work very well

Why change the font size of a Blog post

I don’t know how many of you will notice but on mobile or if you are browsing a webpage usually have a good font size that looks more readable and it also helps users to stay on the page while if you compare it with a small size is hard to read in most of the case

I used it in my blog post to ultimately helps in SEO where users spend a long time reading blog

As I already mentioned that you can change the Font size by utilizing various methods here are some ways we check how you can do it

Change Font Size without Plugin

To Change the Font Size of the Paragrphics or the title of the blog post you need just simply to highlight the paragraph or the title of the blog which you want to change the Font size

Now Change to Small, Medium, and Large which depends upon you but we going to change the big size you need to go with medium or you can do a Set custom size

Change Using A WordPress Plugin

Most of you also want to know about what you can do with the plugins as well the best thing is that you can do it there are many plugins available to use you can be used plugins like TinyMCE or Gutenberg

Change Font Size using Custom CSS

You can also change the font size of the paragraphs or title of the blog by utilizing the custom CSS I am using this method on this as doing manual posts is frustrating if you apply this to all of your blog paragraphs or will change

First, you need to go to Adtional CSS settings

In order to change the Paragrahcs you need to do this and change the size

or if you want to change the title size of the blog you can simply change the size and save it

I hope you understand how you can change the font size of the WordPress Font Size

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