How to Backup Any WordPress Blog for Free

Why essential is taking a Backup of WordPress?

I know its one of the important things that I do with my blogs in a very serious manner taking a proper backup of my entire site often many times why I do so means really is important

Yes it is

Backup is what help you if your site get sometimes not working or any related plugin issue or sometimes getting a serious error which can be prevented with backup and there are many ways we can take backup

Types of backup

There are two types of backup one is whole your WordPress blog or taking individual backup for the post, pages, database, and themes so it more often many hosting provides now provides weekly and monthly backup

but, what if there is a manual process which even you can take backup to your Google Drive as well which help to take backup & download large websites

Ways to backup

There are many ways you can do to take backup with different WordPress plugins but if you want to back up things like your post and page and comments can be exported without using any plugin

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How to Backup up Post, page, and comments

want to backup your post and pages and comments which is simple to do all you need to follow the setup which you can do it right away

First, you need to go to Tools

Now find Import and export

all you need to export your content

You can do as well with plugins but this was very simple to do anyone can perform

Backup database

Having a database is also the best thing you do however I didn’t do it often but its good to do which is again you can do it with the plugin or manually so here I will show how you can do it manually as well as plugin

First, you require to go to your cPanel

Find PHPMyAdmin

Identify first which WordPress site you want to take backup

Now go to export

and go

save it, done

Now, finally, we are our final step to backup entire things such as posts, pages, comments, and database with a plugin called “Updraft Plus

Now, When it comes to backup to your entire site many hosting providers already offer you to do so but manual backup which I prefer most of my WordPress blog

First, you need to go “updraft”

Activate the Plugin

So, there is no backup till now

tap on “Backup Now”

it shows

The backup Process will start shortly

After it shows an existing backup

Now, you download it, and you also backup with various remote storage such as “Google Drive

I hope, this helps to backup your WordPress Blog

What’re your thoughts let me know in the comment

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