How to Add Table in Any WordPress Blog

Want to use Table On WordPress

You can use it unlike any other CMS you need some coding knowledge to do so like Blogger which I used earlier and I know how difficult for a beginner to do so

But, having a WordPress blog which is far better than a blogger as I already shared about the difference between both

Why use the table’s in Blog

Using a table is really a great idea when it comes to showcasing data in structured which looks are often good so there is no by default you can add any table to WordPress but still, we can add a table and one of the ideal plugins which I am using from last two years and cost zero

This means if you are a beginner then no need to invest in fancy table plugins this is one of the best you can use in your blog

How to Add Table in WordPress

As I already mentioned earlier is that there is a default function that helps you to add a table but you can add with plugins which are quite is easy in WordPress all you need to have a plugin

First, you need to go to the plugin

Search for TablePress

Install & Activate it

How to use TablePress on WordPress Blog

Creating a Table

In Order to create a table you require first you need to go to TablePress


Add New

Adding a row and column

How to Add on Your Post

You are done

Hope this helps to add a table to your WordPress Blog

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