How to Add Navigation Menu on WordPress in 2 Minutes

You know that almost every bogs site have Navigation Menu which is better for users and I know that you also want to add a Navigation menu on your blog this guide will defiantly help a beginner who doesn’t know how to do this

Well Even I have the same issue once I started with WordPress before I was using blogger later I moved to WordPress were come to know lots of things

Why Have Navigation Menu on Your Blog

Navigation is a bunch of internal links that help your users navigate easily to your blog mostly at the top of the article and the footer area e.g Link to Hompage, Content, and more

Having proper navigation users easily find important pages that also helps users to stay longer on-page which reduce your bounce rate which somehow give a good user experience that in long term gives more brand awareness

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What Page I Place on Navigation Menu

In General different blogs choose different kinds of navigation pages according to their niche all you need to figure out what page will be more helpful for your audience

For an e.g, our blog is all about blogging so most of the users want to know about blogs, reviews, etc. so in same we added WordPress, Tips, and Tricks which normally we do in our menu as I already said that it all depends on your blog niche

How to Add Navigation Menu on my Blog

For WordPress, You are required to create page’s or a category so if you already have a page and you want to add on the menu or in my case which I used to my blog which is adding a category

so, how do you add a category simple you just need to go to your post>category

You need is just to add whatever category you want to add

Next, We need to go on Appereance>Menu

After Creating Menu You need to Add From Page,s, and Category

In The End, you need to select the location of the menu

It depends on you where you show the menu’s normally most themes support two menus’s so you need to save it after select

Hope this guide will help you add a navigation menu to your blog

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