Why Hostinger worth for beginners Pros & Cons Everything Explained

We all know that without hosting we can’t run a blog or site due its one of the core part when it comes to setting up your first blog it has our blogs files such as images, blog post, theme files and more which usually act as storage for your blog

When someone tries to visit your blog then the on the browser user get the content from your hosting such as text files it may be HTML, CSS, javascript and images and videos

The best thing about having paid hosting is the control & management with your ownership you can remove or add files

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Pros of Hostinger

Affordable for Beginners

I know it has been really hard to invest in hosting for beginners and that is why whenever I thought about affordable hosting plans that fit on everyone’s pocket without affecting a lot then hostinger gives you the thing you need its prices are quite as good as many others due to no matter if you are a beginner its affordable for you

Easy to use

When it comes to setting up your blog you can easily do with WordPress blog provides its customized dashboard which is beginner-friendly all the things you need you to get in one place like PHPMyAdmin, WordPress,

I know getting an easy to use dashboard is best its looks more comfortable which in hostinger it’s hPanel

Free Domain

You heard right that it allow users to get a free domain which for an absolute beginner who wants to spend extra bucks on the domain can also get a free only one catch is that you need to pay for at least for a year otherwise you can’t get any free domain

30 days Money-back Guarantee

Hostinger provides you a refund if you wish to cancel your plan in 30 days the date of the transaction you made while purchasing which helps at least try it and made your decision to continue or cancel

Uptime is Quite Good

In a simple way, Uptime is your site is up running so what I found on hosting I checked its which shows good stats normally its overall stats of shows 99% which great where you can expect a load time faster which helps in your SEO

Cons of hostinger

Cpanel: cPanel is quite different as compare to normal once which is good for a beginner but it feels its change a bit which is ignorable

Types of Hosting

Hostinger provides different types of hosting plans such as shared, VPS, Cloud, cPanel Hosting, etc but for a beginner, I don’t think you require a VPS or Cloud hosting unless you have a good amount of traffic shared hosting enough for getting started in blogging

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is very beneficial for those who are about to start their blog at a very low cost at the start of just $1.39/mo which is sometimes ups and down according to 1 year to 3-year plans

In Shared hosting, hostinger provides 3 plans

Single Web Hosting

In a single hosting plan you get web hosting where you can start your blog with your first blog and really its an ideal solution for beginners as every beginner blogger can afford it normally in this plan you can add Single Website with

30 GB of SSD Storage

10,000 Monthly Visit

Single Email Account

Free SSL

100 GB of Bandwith

Managed WordPress

WordPress Accelerator

Premium Web Hosting

In Premium Web Hosting you get more resources where you can host up to 100 sites with up to 100 GB SSD Storage which is far better than the single web hosting I know you require more sites to be hosted you also get

Free Email

25,000 Visitors

Free Domain

Free SSL

Unlimited Bandwith

Managed WordPress

WordPress Accelratert

Unlimited Database

Business Web Hosting

Business Web adds more resource for you can again host up to 100 sites with up to 200GB of SSD Storage this suit best for small and medium sites that requires more storage you get all the things mentioned on premium web hosting and this plan includes free CDN

Which Web Hosting Plan suit best for you

For me, I suggest that first ask yourself that how much is your requirement as a beginner

I won’t recommend opting for its single web hosting which provides only one site with limited resources but its premium web hosting best for no matter if you are a beginner or advance user you must go for its premium or business plans which 12/24/36 months plans included free domain

Final thoughts

In the end, hostinger is really affordable for those who want to start blogging at a low cost all you need to do is just start doing to let me know your thoughts about hostinger

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