Google Webmaster tool Guide in-depth for Beginner

Google Webmaster tool Guide in-depth for Beginner

 Talking about the Google Webmaster Tools ?  

 Why You Need to use Google Webmaster Tools for Your Site If You are not familiar with the Google Webmaster tool so if not need to get with it In this post we dive in depth How this helps you to get Traffic to Your Site  

Everyone needs traffic to site well, actually it doesn’t mean if you not using this Google Webmaster Tools before you won’t get traffic but time were supposed to be when we don’t know what exactly the Google Webmaster tool is ?  

I Know You want to know In depth of this Free Tool which Provide Traffic to your Site but really most of you ask how it can help us to get traffic to our site Be Honest with you back two years ago when I started blog with those days I don’t know how exactly things works for the traffic generation to the site I know the same question arise when you come to know about the traffic and SEO on that time i just started it for get idea how it works I have no idea on that about SEO or this kind of tool of tool exist rather than that I have no idea about writing skills which on that time one of the biggest lack of mine  

Thereafter more than six month ago no traffic to the site I didn’t know why this happen to me no one is reading my blog it feels like you work really hard and get no value because of I not produce thing which get value to users I got frustrated nothing works for me   Traffic not came in one night you need to work hard to get ti done and there is not even possible to ranked in six month it depends upon you and the competition in your niche   How I Come to Know About Google Webmaster Tool ?

 After researching a lot I come to know about the Google Webmaster Tool so what do next so simply sign up and I start Google Webmaster Tool but after sign up I come to know there is lot more things which I have to do to getting traffic to site  


How You can sign up for the Google Webmaster tools

First You need go to first Google webmaster tool  

You need to sign in with Your Google Account

  After this things you will see as I given below in this image So what You Need to Do right Now

    First You Need to go to Just “Add Property”   Now after You “Add your Domain Name”

Now You Need to Verify this Domain   You can use the Meta description to Your Header   Or you can verify with the domain with the Provider    After verify you are now On Google Webmaster tools You Will find the this kind of dashboard to your account

So this is the just process to getting in the Google Webmaster Tools there more things you need to after login in the google webmaster tools First you need to understand this thing I know that after viewing this thing you have a question that what this things and how this things exactly works  

I Will Tell You How this things works but before doing this as you just verify your domain so one of the necessary thing you need to do you just need to add sitemap to webmaster tools so how to done this in this image you will know that how exactly we did this

 First go to sitemap in Webmaster tools thereafter  

Type Just sitemap.xml

 Done it take time to index your site  

Let First Understand the Search Overview than we move to main Dashboard Search Appearance 

So here is the overview of how a site is appear in the SERP(Search engine ranking position) so what you have to know in this so Title : One of the First thing came in the search

appearance obviously the title which is marked as the blue color every site that linked to google which title showcase in the blue  Snippet : Snippet is the Meta description that appear’s to in the result is necessary to give the description to every single post this allow user to understand what user exactly written in the post  e.g

Sitelinks : What is Sitelinks well Sitelink are appears on most popular sites if you visited sites like Google or YouTube there is extra links are present in the SERP  for eg

    As You can see the marked so these are the sitelinks Can Use sitelink to Your Site Sitelinks are part of the sites that appears to search engine there was time when we can able to set sitelink for our sites but after the changes we can set sitelink from our-self it algorithm based it automatically generates sitelinks nowdays we can’t do anything  But  In order to have the sitelinks in our site it necessary to get the quality traffic to site frankly Medium traffic Needed        The search appearance is just tell you how you search result will display on the SERP(Search engine ranking position) so what are point included in the search appearance     Search Within a site YouTube is true Example of Search Within a site this will allow users to just search within the SERP page no need to directly visit to the site you can search within the search page  URL : URL(Uniform Resource Locator) basically the Web Address of yours  e.g

    Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs is the part of the URL which specify the the location of the post suppose e.g So as this was shown after the URL so this can be called Breadcrumbs at last the  Product Rich Snippet : You seen Many Review of the product like smartphones,Cars,Food Place where rating and Reviews of the product appears which are came under the Product Rich Snippet   if You See the Image of Search Overview which in top you will understand well    Time for The Google Webmaster’s Dashboard 

This Dashboard Include

Search Appearance : As You Seen the Search Engine Overview how they appears in Search Engine so basic you have question that how it happens are so this happens because of these tools Structured Data : Structured Data are generally appears on the Search result which are may be in Numbers or in Word e.g                                                                                    

Rich Cards : Rich Cards are appears very improved result as compare with the normal results were listed in the search so this type of improved result are present in card format which really looks aswome as normal results e.g   

Data Highlighter : Data Highlighter is the tool which widely used to show patterns of any site it may be e-commerce site Google understand your site as you can say that you teach about your site to Google to show result of SERP   HTML Improvement: HTML Improvement is about to improve user experience of the site HTML Improvement includes Meta Description Issue Title Tag Issue And Non-Index Issue of your site Search Traffic

 Search Analytics : When it Comes to Search analytics is one of major thing you have to track while this shows what type of your keyword is ranking form this is easily able to understand what user actually looking to your Site Things Visible in this Search Analytics

 Clicks: How Much Click is made by user for particular keyword Impression: It shows overall site impression while someone searching to a particular keyword and your result appears while searching  

 CTR : CTR is the main key point to tell that How much Click Through Rate to your site low CTR rate means your post might appears but user not clicking at your result so you need to optimize your tittle that user attract very much to click your post

Position: This shows You which of post ranking in which position so you can track your position from with it and sometimes it doesn’t accrete

Links to your Site : Links to Your Site or You can called the Backlink. Backlink Very Important nowadays it plays a crucial role in Ranking Algorithms and this You will Find the Backlink means sites which give you link to your site the quality Backlink you have the more chance to rank high on Google      

Internal Links : Internal Linking is also very important when it comes to engage your audience this is necessary what if user comes to your site while reading he/she can be go to different post means if user engaged to Your it automatically low the bounce rate of your site and boost up your on page timing 

Manual Actions : Manual action may be sometimes came to site coz violating the webmaster guidelines it depends what you did wrong most of sites disappears violating guidelines result they harm traffic and sometimes site No-Index from result Google allows the Reconsideration of Your Site

International Targeting : While the Internationalization is import to getting the traffic international traffic it sends you traffic from different countries so how it works

Mobile Usability : Mobile Usability shows that your is Your Site it Optimized for the Mobile Here You can check Your Site Load  Google Index  

Index Status: Index Shows How many links are index to your site over time and it depends on site  Blocked Resource: it Shows which are are blocked resource of Your site  

Removed URLs : From This section you can see which URL are removed to the site   Crawl

Crawl Errors : Crawl Errors shows error in your site this error may be happens due delete a page while I deleted post earlier there after I checked that there certain 400 error on the page this page shows while crawl detect change URL or Deleted Post You must have to fix this issue So, How You can fix this Just You Need to Just “Marked as Fixed”     

Crawl Stats : In Crawl stats shows the crawling status of your pages Fetch as Google: Fetch as Google is tool which crawl or render your pages Robot.txt Tester : In Robot Txt You can test

Google-bot URL Parameters : if Don’t know how to use this Google parameters then you don’t use this kind of parameter to site if you use it wrong it may effect bad to your site Security Issue : this helps us to get notified issue regarding malware on sites At The End  

Web Tools Web Tools is New and this added Recently for the better Ad on sites so, this is what the Google webmaster tools comment below what you think about the Google Webmastertools  

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