Google Analytics Setup on WordPress and Blogger In 2022

Google Analytics is way more powerful as you think most of the bloggers use Google Analytics to Improve the site and it one of the core tool that every beginner should use in your blogging it totality beneficial for you In This Post we show Google Analytic Setup on WordPress and Blogger

“Did You Know that Google Analytics is free for everyone and best part of this tool is you not need to pay a single penny for this tool”

When it comes Google Analytics I know most of newbie are not familer with this powerful tool that can improve their blog and there is tons of things you need to understand and we cover up all those things so take relax and jump in

Why You Need Google Analytics

Good Question,

Why to use it and really it could help you to step up your blog like rocket for me it works great and really it help me a lot to understand my blog visitors, their behavior, my popular content and even the spend timing on blog

it sounds great

Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

so, here i want to let you know how to setup

How to Setup Google Analytics on WordPress & Blogger

It Just Start With Placing it Your Blog and it to simple as you think and it applicable for both WordPress and Blogger so how it done successfully In Order to Successful Linking your blog to Google Analytics you need follow things first

Google Analytic Setup for Google Blogger

Note that, if You are on blogger or WordPress it doesn’t matters which Platform you are own you need to a least do this thing there after we move linking

Google Blogger is for anyone you can sign up blogger at no extra cost and implementing Google Analytics not so hard but it takes time if you are not created a blogger account or already created a blogger account now first we need to visit Google Analytics Page

First Go to Google Analytics

Analytics New Property
New Property

You Need to Create New Property

Analytics New Property Setup
New Property Setup

On the Website Name You Need to Put Your blog name

for eg bloguptips

on Website URL Put Your Site Name


Put Your Blog Name and Blog URL it Just an example

Now You need to Select Your Category

Here are list you can choose from

  1. Arts and Enterainment
  2. Automotive
  3. Beauty and Fitness
  4. Books and Literature
  5. Business and Industrial Markets
  6. Computers and Electronics
  7. Finance
  8. Food & Drink
  9. Games
  10. Healthcare
  11. Hobbies and Leisure
  12. Home and Garden
  13. Internet and Telecom
  14. Jobs and Education
  15. Law and government
  16. News
  17. Online Communicates
  18. People and Society
  19. Pets and animal
  20. Real Estate
  21. Reference
  22. Science
  23. Shopping
  24. Travel
  25. Other

so, These are the category you can choose accordingly your blog

Choose your Reporting Time Zone

Analytics time Zone
Time Zone

At the end click on Get Tracking ID

Now Lets Link to Google Blogger

Open first Blogger

Blogger Dashboard
Blogger Dashboard

We Need first to go to other option and paste Generated code

Analytics Code
Analytics Code

And Save settings

You Done

Next, We Move to WordPress

You Need Plugin Called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Plugin
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

As you can see that there is no Install Showing as I already Installed this plugin you need to do the same Install And Activate it first then

On Settings Plugin

First You Need authorize the Plugin

Thereafter you need to paste it on plugin

Google Analytics Setup WordPress
Google Analytics Setup WordPress


Select View and Choose Your Blog

thereafter its done

Let Me Know if You are Done this

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