Flipkart Affiliate for Beginners Explained in Detail

Is Flipkart affiliate best way to generate extra revenue with it Answer is Yes!

Flipkart Affiliate allows to earn good amount of money with most of the affiliates earn a lot you think but things are no always be the same when Flipkart launch I know there is no cap issue but right now Flipkart set a monthly cap and don’t allow new users

I don’t think is Good, those who already Sign up can promote it

However, Flipkart still best affiliate network which i am still using it in 2020

How to Join Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard

As We told you before that Flipkart affiliate program is only available to its old users that previously sign up but the new users still need to wait until Flipkart re-open sign up process which may can take time

Well if you want target people in India can use it and most of us using Flipkart for shopping which is great however there is lots of affiliate programs out there but for beginner is good to start with

Why Flipkart Affiliate is Best For Beginners

if you just started your blog or YouTube channel and finding out the best affiliate network to join flipkart can solve your problem at the very beginning its hard to get sales and it depends upon on traffic usually quality traffic better than the quantity traffic those who signed up before can use it

but things is that it won’t available right now you can go with Amazon Affiliate Program

What to Sign Up for Flipkart affiliate

As Soon As you Signed up for the Flipkart Affiliate Program you can now promote the products but how the things works in it checkout below you the Dashboard

Overview : You can checkout overview of your accounts stats all of your stats will be available to the overview tab where you can see Order details, Earnings, Traffic details

Commission : On the Commission tab you can checkout your various commission rates applicable for the different products

Affiliate Tool : In the affiliate tools you get various methods to get promote the product

Reports : In Report tab you can able to see reports of your earnings and order details

Downloads : You can download your reports from this tab

My Account : On this tab you can view your account details


How to Get Paid from Flipkart Affiliate

Getting paid you need a lest 5000 Rs for NEFT((National Electronic Fund Transfer)) transfer but order to get paid you need to get verified you PAN and Bank Detail and for EVG( you need only 2500 and you can choose between both of them you can go for NEFT or EVG payment but first you need to provide the payment details its your wish you can go

How to Promote a Products

You can promote flipkart products as soon as you get the approval where’s we need to know there is two way to promote with your blog or with social media such as YouTube

Methods of Promotion

On Blogs : if You want promote a product from blog can be the best way to promote but the thing is matter the traffic if you have the targeted audience for the product you can promote it

On YouTube : if you just started a YouTube channel than you can go for the promotion of the products and best way to do that making review video’s which works better than just pasting a referral links

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Best Way to get Products gets sell

There is no magic but requires a strategy to sell the products well things you need to understand first well if you have a blog and started tech blog try to create content based on reviews such phones, earphones, and other stuffs so it not necessary to only go for the tech products

Well You First have to decide your content strategy and your audience to e.g if you have an audience interested on books regarding stuff or any educational stuff so try to sell books not that product that won’t relevant to your audience

How to Generate a product link

Want to get the product link you need to go to Flipkart.com first and thereafter you chose a product link and just paste in to affiliate link generator and simply generate a particular product link for promotion

Products link
Why Payments get Disapproved on Flipkart
cancel orders

So, its common why your payments get deducted it obvious just because the product sold may get cannel by the user which means there is no referral earnings for the sale as returned to Flipkart it normally happens to everyone

at end

(Flipkart Affiliate is still one of the best affiliate network for the bloggers and youtubers and one of the best part its easy to use but you have to focus on your audience for the the products tell me what you thought about the Flipkart Affiliate for Beginners)

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