Bluegeekhosting Review Cheap Hosting Worth it or Not(2021)

Many of us want to start a blog but I know most of you thought that hosting prices are very high but there is an option still available for those who want to start a blog but can’t spend a lot of money on hosting

It’s true that hosting costs you a bit more but you can’t ignore that most of the premium hostings give have far better speed and optimization for your blog you must use faster hosting however if you want a cheap hosting plan which does not cost extra to your pocket then one hosting is there for you

We tried it as we used this for some of our sites which is overall good reality is that if you want to choose it for blogging then you can go for it even tested out with this blog earlier as working perfectly so what we have learned from this hosting

Pro’s of Bluegeekhosting

Cheap Hosting Plans

When it comes to its Plans which is cheaper than other premium hosting providers its plan starts for just 25($0.24) which helps for a small business, artist and personal blogs can start with but which plans is worth starting for blogging it has mainly three plans

Standard Plans :

Standard Plans are designed for people who want to start which I think that bluegeekhosting did a great job for those who want to get started even at low cost but most of the time it’s out of stock which may be a sign that it may soon withdraw or people are looking for these plans

I don’t think the standard plan is worth for pro blogging purposes which specs are too low start with only a few MYSQL Database and storage also is less with only can be associated with its Standard Plan

Advance Plan

When it comes it Advances Plan I thought these plans are low cost even reliable at the beginning while I tried it’s 120(1.61) which cost a year is about $19.34(1440) which I think best for the cheap plan is best if you don’t want to invest too much on it then it’s far better at the beginning

But, if you plan to opt its Advance 1 which provided only one domain you can’t add any extra domains which are frustrating for you even still Advance 3 costs you 180($2.41) where 2nd was good to provide at least 5 domains


last plan which adds more value than the rest of the plan you can add unlimited domains 25GB of SSD storage with unlimited Email accounts where’s its Standard & Advance Plan Provides limited resources if you need extra storage with good specs then this is good to go

SSL : SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which secures sites most of you experience most of the sites now using secure it even we have also the same it also offers SSL certificates which really very helpful for any blog as without having a secure site nowadays people leave the site and many times you find that browser like Google Chrome shows not secure

It can also consider for rankings in most the search engines

cPanel: You get a cPanel which help you to lots of things not just limited only to WordPress you can do lots of things and getting cPanel on in budget price I thought a worth to go for it provides all the thing you need in a cPanel such as Joomla, phpBB, OpenCart, Laravel and more

Unlimited Bandwidth :

Getting Unlimited Bandwith on cheap hosting is quite a big deal which is usually most of the time is limited where’s this will provide you unlimited Bandwith

Con’s of bluegeekhosting

No Free Domain : You won’t get any free Domain which is most of the hosting provides offers with the plans over 12 months and more but there is no free domain you get in 12 months of the plan

Support is not Worth: When it comes to support more likely it takes a bit longer for getting a response but they fulfill the issues

Final Thoughts

I know Having the best hosting is always best but if you don’t have to spend a lot on hosting you can try this with bluegeekhosting you can start your blogs and the best thing you can use WordPress with good speed don’t go for its standard plan which is not worth instead you can with Advance plans

It totally depends upon you which you opt

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