Blogging Mistake You Should Avoid as A Beginner (Top 10)

While Most of us start which Blogspot even I also started with Blogspot due to lack of knowledge I done many mistake’s in my blogging journey and I won’t even know what’s actually blogging is so on

I don’t even know how to blog my mainly goal to earn money and I literally copy content and publish that time when I don’t know about anything about blogging

I done lot’s of mistake I Know every beginner do but I don’t want you do so In This post I will tell you Blogging Mistake you should avoid as beginner

For Me It’s

Learn, Learn and Learn

Blogging is all about learning an overcoming mistakes if you rapidly repeat same mistake you won’t grow higher and this will not help you in longer run you will demotivated and quite blogging due your effort not reflect any kind of result

When it comes to learn blogging even you are just start your blogging carrier and wondering how to step up early days are hard with no traffic working you need to believe yourself that you can learn better the more you learn more you earn

Top 10 Blogging Mistake You Should Avoid

Define Your Niche

What is Niche

For Your understanding in a simple sentence we called it as “category” in which your blog is all about and its really necessary to define it first without having a perfect niche that suits you if not you won’t be able to write content that why you need to first define your niche but really its hard to define niche


For example

You are reading this blog and its about blogging stuffs so for me its blogging and marketing niche so here are some example of mostly common niche

  • Tech
  • Food
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Fitness

How You Can choose your niche

Choosing Niche is not that hard as you think and I don’t recommend to randomly choose any niche and write content where you don’t know about anything about that niche so what are ways you can ascertain your niche

Follow This You definitely get your Niche

Obtain You’re Interest

Its hard to write to something which you have no knowledge and one of this is matter is your Interest if you not have Interest on a particular niche you won’t be able to produce aswome content if your Interest is about Food you can go for Food niche, if have interest on tech go for tech niche    

Can Solve issues

It’s all about solving problems of others if your content can solve other problems then your audience will find your content but if

You’re Passion   

Why Passion

The more you passionate about something the better you can focus and it also help you to produce the great content if you are not passionate enough your Interest will slowly getting fade away and you find hard to concentrate so that’s why you need to be passionate

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Choose Right CMS : Choosing a Right blogging Platform is necessary to step up your blog if you want take your blogging to next level if you chose right one will become good for your long run I know most of us in early choose blogger as blogging and few of them start with WordPress

Blogger and WordPress are both popular as I Know most of us aware both this platforms but when it comes to choose between both of them most of us go for the Blogspot one which is free blogging platform and easy to setup blogger blog there is no need any kind of hosting google itself provide free hosting with blogger so it’s easy to start a blog with no investment

On the other hand WordPress is also free but you need hosting in order to setup and one of the reason hosting is way most of choose a free blogger due to free hosting but WordPress is far better than Blogger as you think   

If you are on Blogger then you need to know blogger limitations due to that most of us move on WordPress due and its really hard to move due the traffic loss with ongoing 404 errors but anyhow I managed to overcome this situation and moved blogger to WordPress and and I fixed 404 errors

The Blog Name: While Taking any Blog Name you need to figure out how you can choose best domain name for your niche with ease to remember so make sure you take as short domain name which suits best to niche it totally depends upon your niche you can take us as example “bloguptips” which is shorter and related keywords such as “blog” and “tips” is available

The point is if you choose anything not related what is not reflecting your niche than its take time to rank well on search engine’s so you require first you to select the domain that reflect your niche is good

How to Choose a Perfect domain Name

Here some tips you need to follow first

Make it Short


Reflect your Niche

Don’t use Hypens

Don’t Use numbers

Choose at least TLD domain

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Don’t Jump in blogging only for Money : i Know money is needed for getting sustain our self but in you need side the money first and focus on your work rather thinking about money it doesn’t mean avoid money but you can take it as secondary the first priority of yours is to produce content for users

Most of the people jump in blogging influence with the earnings of others Where’s main motive is motivate you about blogging which most of take it as wrong direction the reality of making money is not easy as you think most of the blogs even not earn their first doller

The reason why i am telling this most of the bloggers earnings not started at one night it takes couple of month even a year get their first paycheck so you can think that if you only thinking about the money which is not going help you at long term

Focus on Your Audience : You Know i done this in my early age of blogging i don’t focus on my audience but the retaliation of it i understand at every long time if you are not focusing on your audience they may be not return back unless they find the stuff they looking they will

The better you understand your audience the better you can figure out content they care about the most and producing quality content for them and get rewarded don’t write unrelated content that not fits for your audience

Relay only on SEO : Relying on only on SEO is not good you need to explore the other source of traffic to which going to help in your long run as you need to focus on your brand building and if only depended upon the SEO is not good for you

To Personal : the reality you can’t ignore that users don’t want to know about your personal things rather than solving their issue’s so don’t be to personal which good for you and your audience to

Lack of consistency : if you not being consistent enough to post content at your schedule soon the interest fade away and this happens with the beginners at the time they started blogging they post a content and they started to think about traffic only but not producing content consistently

What constancy means for you is i doesn’t mean you require to post regularly content but a schedule to maintain it may be three post a week or one post a week at least maintain your schedule

if you stop posting content your audience may forget you that you are exit and it hard to get back to the position

Not Building E-mail List : Why to Build E-mail its an assets of yours if you not collecting email you losing most valuable thing emails are works best in terms of getting your brand awareness most of the time email works best rather than the social media

it helps you in lot of factors such as

Better targeting Your Audience

Building Loyal Audience

Brand awareness and


No Content Promotion : You Just writing a post but you not sharing to your audience with social media’s that you should go for it as you loosing most of your audience that available most of the platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and twitter

its doesn’t mean you spam on social media build set of audience that interested in your niche make sure you allow sharing buttons in your blogs means yours can easily able to share content on different platforms


I know that it happens but the point is you should avoid your mistake and overcome and don’t repeat it again and again

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