Another Update currently in Progress WordPress Error[Fixed]

WordPress is usually push updates which brings lots of improvement and stability to WordPress and recently WordPress started rolling out its 5.7 updates which brings lots of changes

When i Started to Install the update one unusual thing appears on the screen which “Another Update currently in Progress” so firstly i started to wait for few minutes there after i tried to update it again but same error and again showing

Why You getting Another Update currently in Progress error

One of the common reason of getting this error which is you tried to update it or at same time another users trying to do the same the however in most of the case you are only who maintain your WordPress updates so far this also happened with me due in my WordPress database there is core_updater.lock is added my database

Core.updater.lock usually prevent any updates unless the core update is done properly so there is no need to do anything until it update the core files but some times it won’t fixed automatically you need to done yourself

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How I fixed this Error on My WordPress

Many ways you can fix this error in most of time it automatically fixed which is ok you need to wait until it getting update you requires at least 10-15 min before it back to normal to update

You Will noticed that WordPress started getting update

but, it not always the if this error still persist means you need to manually the core.updater,lock file where’s you can do with the help of WordPress plugin or you can delete the file in database

Don’t direly jump to the phpmyadmain in as it usally fixed with this plugin first or you can go with phpmyadmin and Wp-options

find the core.updater.lock file in my database file is not showing as it noramlly fixed i waited longer as 15 min but if you see the file simply delete it but take a proper a backup your database

Hope this helps to get fixed another update currently is progress

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This WordPress usually happened with most of time and best thing is that it can fixed easily and don’t try to multiple user to update at single if multiple users your admin at same time

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