5 Genuine Ways to Get Initial Traffic in Your Blog Working Methods

Getting Traffic is hard Really?

I don’t think so

When You Just Started your blog and you think somehow traffic would blow in your blog practically it won’t you need some strategy to rid out Zero to Hero so how the things works why only you not getting the traffic so few Ways to Get Initial Traffic to blog that Mentioned below

Being frustrated to for not getting traffic well I hope this will help you a least amount of traffic you want and so stick on it one thing that you should ask yourself why people come to your blog the only way people come to you if you

Things First Determined When You launch Your Blog

Well if you ask most of the bloggers what traffic they want organic or paying for the keywords they would go for the organic one even i don’t pay 1 penny to get traffic and why you should avoid too

Many Brands and Company’s pays a lot on keywords to get traffic for getting sales and branding however as a blogger i don’t pay mostly i depend upon Organic traffic’s which consistent and boost ranking as well

Picking a perfect Niche

Why Niche or just start doing anything would great

it won’t go longer as messed up?

Well Many works on different topics on same blog and most prefer to have a particular niche that comfortable and also sustainable in future don’t work for multi niche make sure you determined your niche

E.g On Tech blog I stared Posting Digital marketing Stuffs etc.

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How to get Initial traffic to Your Blog

When your blog or website is new and believe me or not your blog not get traffic unless you do things in proper way and really makes sometimes being frustrated why there is no traffic coming to the blog

I know its true in starting you won’t get traffic as you are new when i started back at 2016 i receive low amount of audience with less page views and bounce rates are high

How to leverage the traffic in early time

When it comes the main point is obvious traffic in initial days of blogging you can leverage your traffic with this following methods that i personally used and it helped me to gain at least few users that comes to my blog for you the chances are getting high

Source of traffic

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How to get Your First 1000 Subscribers

Social Media : Social Media is one of the best way to getting traffic you can create your twitter and Facebook page to share your content the more you content getting shared by people more you get the audience

When it comes to the source of the traffic that i received in my early blogging journey which is based on the social referral not the organic which takes time to grow and you get good amount of social traffic

Quora : Quora is another great example of getting your traffics in very beginning where’s you get decent amount of quality audience at least read there answer upvote your answer and likely to visit your site to if they find something good stuff to your blog they may be convert as your permeant reader

Email : Email is one of the core asset of most of bloggers you see they use this to least to capture the audience and building the audience on early days i used this methods to capture the mails in early days which makes some sense

The core benefits of building an email list is not limited to the traffic but also the sale and more you should starts building your email list to so need to setup newsletters

Medium : i don’t often post on medium but i figure out medium you will find medium is another great example to creating content that helps to get traffic in initial days like Quora Medium have the potential to bring traffic people use Medium too

SEO : SEO stands Search Engine Optimization as it one of the best traffic source most of the bloggers depends upon it for me i also depend on it but i also depend on other source to

SEO is long term process and there is no magic just you need to do a proper optimization strategy that helps you to get gain traffic as consistent level sometimes you experience some drops as the more keyword is competitive is hard to get rank try with long tail keywords


if you apply this you get initial traffic for sure and you need just to focus and keep creating content and learning the things the things make sure experiments things its not just created a content and sit back relax that’s make so sense

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